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Knowing when to install a 1300 number

To know when to install a 1300 phone number it is best to first understand what a 1300 number is. A 1300 number is a ten digit national inbound phone number that is only available in Australia. The 1300 number can only be used to receive calls and callers are charged local call rates from any part of Australia. With a 1300 prefix, you can set up your business to receive calls from all over even from locations that are not local to your business. If your business seeks to have national coverage, getting a 1300 number can be ideal for you. Below are some of the things to look out for so as to know when it’s time to get your business a 1300 number.

  • Customer response

When your business needs to Increase customer response, getting a 1300 number can be among the solutions to this improvement.  Using a 1300 number will generate greater response rate as it will significantly improve your marketing and branding. Customers will easily remember your 1300 number as compared to landlines and if your 1300 number is accompanied by a phone word, clients will have a much easier time identifying your brand.

  • A virtual receptionist

If you are all about cutting costs in your business then a virtual receptionist is what you need. You can get phone answering services with a 1300 number installed. With a phone answering service you can take messages, book appointment and even transfer callers according to how detailed your phone answering service is. A virtual receptionist can be an important tool that does not only save you money but also provides after hour services to your customers.

  • Reporting

If your business needs a reporting platform, then a 1300 number is what you need. A 1300 number provides features such as call recording that provide call based information. When analyzed, this information can be used to identify areas that bring more traffic and those that don’t. Such kind of information can translate to more ROI as it will help your company streamline its marketing and advertisement revenue to areas that bring more profit.

  • Custom routing solutions

In case your company is in need of a routing service that identifies the most appropriate locations and routes calls to that location, then a 1300 number is what you need. What is even more interesting is that you can build up your custom routing solution to fit perfectly with the uniqueness of your business. A custom routing solution works very well in instances where a customer calls the company with the 1300 number and if it’s past 5pm, you can set up the call to be routed to another branch of your company that has extended trading hours. This can prevent your business from ever loosing clients. You will resolve your customers issue without losing their business.

  • Growth and Expansion

If it’s time for your business to expand to other locations, then what you need to stay sharp is a 1300 number. Even when your company is not yet reaching out to other locations, it is still important to consider having a 1300 number as it enables your business to be future proof. A 1300 number is portable and does not have restrictions when receiving calls from other parts of the country. Your business can benefit from this feature especially if it’s a multisite business with multiple branches all over the country.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: July 25, 2016 at 11:48am