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1300 Number And 1800 Number Routing

1300 and 1800 Numbers are virtual numbers, they aren’t physically attached to a SIM card or a phone line. This means in order for them to function, they need to be setup and attached to another device when can receive calls.

The process for delivering the caller on the 1300 number or the 1800 number is commonly labelled as the routing. Simple Telecom refer to the location the number routes to as the “Answer Point” and in fact it is the 2nd question you will be asked in the Signup process.

Now the most obvious and most common solution for routing your 1300 Number or 1800 Number is to connect it to your mobile phone. On the $10/month prepaid plan this equates to 35 cents per minute to receive calls (so keep it brief!).

Obviously answering on your mobile only works if you are only getting a few calls/day and can handle all the calls yourself. What if you are doing 20 calls/day? We would suggest a few ways of doing this.

First option and arguably the easiest is to just use a 2nd mobile. Have it call you for 15 seconds, then call your business partner or employee next. In fact you can really do this out to 3 mobiles before you are disrupting the caller experience.


 If this solution isn’t working, then you really need to move to a PBX style solution. Simple Telecom integrates with Microsoft Teams which can handle all your inbound calls directly into Teams or you can use another Simple Telecom service called  Hosted PBX  – which also will enable Telephony over the internet straight to your desktop/Laptop or compatible VoIP handset.


When you use either Teams or Hosted PBX, you can a lot more control over how the calls are distributed. You can call multiple people at once, people in quick succession – the power really is all yours.

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Beyond these basic style routing options, Simple Telecom offers a real-time control panel for you to adjust the routing options. You can setup Time Based configurations that automatically switch your number off after hours and on weekend. You can even setup Voice To Email as an answering option for your callers as well as build your own IVR (keypress) Menu to help your customers navigate straight to the right location.


Simple Telecom is a new generation Tech powered Telecommunications company. This means Simple Telecom has the ability to build and design our business model, billing platform and customer management console in such a way that gives the customer the ability to configure and control almost all aspects of the service. This means updates to routing are free and they are in real-time – aka Instant!

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