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4 Cost-Effective and Innovative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Succeeding in this fierce competition is challenging for every business! As per stats, around 840,529 business applications were registered in 2020 in the United States. Every country across the globe is experiencing huge growth in terms of new business organizations.

And it has made the competition even tougher. However, there are still some innovative marketing ideas that can help your business outshine the competition. 

In this article, I’ll talk about some cost-effective and innovative marketing ideas that are helpful for almost every small and medium-sized business.

    1. Use Social Media to Run Campaigns 
      There are around 2.8 billion people on Facebook, and 2.3 billion use YouTube. These numbers grow every day, making these social media platforms perfect to market your business. 
      Furthermore, there are plenty of channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and LinkedIn that have their own unique flavour.
      It’s essential for a business to at least have a profile page on such channels. In addition, the business should run social media campaigns that help them make prospects aware of their business, which then results in better conversion.
      An average user spends around 145 minutes daily on social media platforms, and this is the reason why every smart organization has switched to these online platforms to market their business. 

      Some Benefits of Using Social Media 
      You can make your business page visible to a huge audience without spending a lot of money.
      Social media platforms provide a low-cost ROI.
      You can integrate some of these social media channels with chatbots for better customer service.

    2. Vanity Phone Numbers are Easy to Remember 
      The reason why a custom vanity phone number is the first choice of every smart business is that it’s easy to remember. Studies have shown that such numbers can even help start-ups grow, which makes them ideal for every type of business. 
      Having a 1300-number helps your business succeed in the competition and makes it appear lucrative to the audience. In addition, getting a 1300-number is now easier, and you can quickly get it activated by a local telco in your area
      Furthermore, using these numbers is cheaper than most marketing ideas, and even new businesses can use this technique to attract customers. 

      Some Benefits of Using Vanity Phone Numbers 
      Operating them is affordable 
      You can get your brand name into the phone number 
      They can be operated Australia-wide 

    3. Don’t Miss the Guest Posting Opportunities 
      Almost every business nowadays has a website. But what most businesses miss is the guest posting opportunities. The continual trend of the Google Algorithm updates can take your website to the last pages of SERPs, making it less visible to the audience.
      Guest posting is a great way SEO experts use to create backlinks, which in return helps a business rank its site. It would be great to contact a reliable SEO professional to seek more information about guest posting and some opportunities that are worth consideration.

      Some Benefits of Using Guest Posting 

      It expands your virtual reach.
      Make your business look professional to the audience.
      Helps the website rank better. 

    4. Email Marketing 
      Even after the evolution of marketing campaigns, email marketing still enjoys a huge success rate. In fact, around 82% of the B2B and 77% of B2C marketing professionals use email marketing when helping a business establish its presence or attract customers. 
      Email marketing has a better closure rate than most traditional marketing ideas and techniques. In addition, it’s cheap and can be used to target prospects and customers around the globe.
      The only downside to using email marketing is that you need a professional who can run the campaign properly using the right tactics.

      Some Benefits of Using Email Marketing 
      Easy to set up and does not require expensive tools to use.
      A business can keep track of all emails sent to their prospects/customers.
      It can be used to target local as well as international customers.

Final Thoughts 

These are the four essential marketing ideas that every small and medium business should incorporate in their marketing campaign. Not just do these ideas help close the leads, but they improve the outreach of a business. 

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Author: David Thomas & Posted at: October 18, 2021 at 4:26am