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Increasing cost of Compliance for Aussie Telcos

When you’re thinking of starting a new business, one of the main roadblocks you’ll come across is overcoming the communication channels for your company even if you’re not selling in that league. Running a business needs an entrepreneur to be on top of all trends and technologies that’ll boost their brand online and offline, because let’s face it word of mouth still works – no doubt – but nothing sparks more buzz and sales like a viral post online.

And that is where Simple Telecom steps in.

We’re here to make sure that you’re not stuck in figuring out complicated telecommunications processes and SOPs and can run your dream business right from the comfort from the beach enjoying a nice cocktail. That basically is our ethos and since our inception in 2006 we’ve helped many small to medium businesses focus on selling their products and services rather than getting caught up in figuring out regulatory compliance and making sure their phone lines are up and running.

Back in the day it was easy for any carrier or carriage server provider to join the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman – that handles all disputes between providers and customers – and begin selling their service. However, since 2012 TIO has released a long list of requirements to fulfil that only add more roadblocks to the process of becoming a TIO member than actually resolving small business owners or resident’s complaint regarding their internet service or telephone provider.

The room for small or big telcos to survive in Australia is becoming harder and harder with the amount of regulations to comply with and the amount of information to provide which to be honest is unnecessary and only a cause of stress. At Simple Telecom we’re all about transparency of data and following a process that ensures customer’s privacy and service satisfactions – but when it comes to B2B transactions the same guidelines cannot be replicated.

Following every single point, the Telecommunications Consumer Protection code is an overkill when it comes to conducting B2B sales as most of that information becomes irrelevant in the light of the documentation already available by the companies. Requesting information for every single user’s date of birth, driver’s license, fingerprint, face scan results in owners stuck in providing each information rather than actually providing the service they’re selling.

It would’ve been a different scenario for companies if this information would actually be important in the way TIO conducts their processes for dispute resolution but according to a report by communications alliance the numbers have reduced to all time low in three years. Usually what happens is that each company has to pay per user for each complaint file to TIO against a Telco – Simple Telecom has never had to pay due to our professional and efficient service. But most recently, since the complaints have dropped tremendously, TIO has started demanding an annual membership fee.

This is the Catch-22 for telcos as you cannot function without registering with TIO and even though you’ll provide fool-proof service you’ll still have to pay the Ombudsman for keeping the organisation alive. The fault doesn’t lie with good companies following the guidelines and SOPs – that is what they wanted all along – they might have a better shot at re-evaluating their processes if they want businesses to survive.

Compliance regulations are necessary for every industry to make sure that service and trade providers aren’t violating any rules or working against the benefits of their consumers. However, with the pace technology and new trends are changing it is important for organisations and regulatory bodies to keep up with them as well. Currently, TIO penalises companies for every complaint they receive and so far Simple Telecom has made sure not a single complaint tarnishes our reputation and service.

But this also means that the barrier for entry is becoming bigger and harder to cross for a new business owner as the Telecommunications Consumer Protection codes and data retention policies are making it harder and harder for small businesses to operate especially if they deal with B2B.

Currently the TCP asks companies to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Proper communication to deal with customers
  • Guidelines for advertising and sales information
  • Managing bills and disputes
  • Processes or platforms for customers to pay
  • Assessing credit for new customers
  • Helping customers switch service providers 


And this doesn’t include the whole list of Data Retention policies required by telcos as well. If you’re a company that deals in innovative products for agriculture or launching Internet of Things products it is a tedious job getting those products launched especially if you’re a small team and are banking on the success of your company’s vision and products to launch you further. The investment required to get through all the compliances and regulations alone can be a hard feat for many small businesses which is why Simple Telecom exists to make sure dreams and revolutionary ideas don’t get crushed under the weight of regulatory guidelines.


Simple Telecom has helped many small businesses launch off the ground with our professional and low cost services that have saved tons of money for companies that would otherwise have been knee deep in overbearing costs of TCP codes and TIO fees. We provide great customer service with our quick response to customer issues raised and our low-cost packages.


We have a secure customer platform and key self-serve business telephony features along with inbound 1300 number and live call answering so that you don’t have to worry about setting those things up for your business and can focus on the more important aspects of running the company. Despite it becoming harder and harder for Aussie telcos to operate with many regulations thrown at them companies like ours are making sure that there is a level ground for everyone to compete at and launch their products. If you want to know more, get in touch with our team at Simple Telecom today.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: June 7, 2020 at 1:21pm