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The Best Add-ons to Use with a 1300-Number in Australia

A 1300-number or a custom vanity number sets your business apart and helps the prospects recognise it. From reputed brands to startups, businesses in Australia have now started opting for these numbers to reward their customers with a great experience while enhancing their reach.

However, a 1300-number can be more effective if you pair it with some addons. Not a lot of businesses know about these extra services, and that’s something that is stopping them from experiencing the true potential of a vanity number.

Whether you have an existing 1300-number or you are planning to get one, these following addons should be on your bucket list.

Must-have Add-on Services to Use with a 1300-number in Australia 

Live Call Answering 

There are tons of benefits of live call answering, including you can serve your customers round the clock. Furthermore, it helps your business spread its reach, while you can minimise the pressure on the employees. 

Outsourcing the incoming calls of your business helps in improving the customer experience, and your clients don’t have to wait for longer to get a solution. 

Look for an Australian telco that offers multiple plans for live call answering so that you can enjoy this seamless service at a reasonable price.

Postcode Prompter 

Postcode prompter helps you in gaining more insights about the caller’s region. The callers get a pre-recorded instruction, and then the system asks them to enter the four-digit postcode.

Some telcos offer advanced services that include breaking down the postcode into sub-region with the help of IVR KEYPRESS.   

Businesses can serve their customers better when they know about the specific postcodes and location. This addon also helps connect the call to the right department and cuts down the waiting time on call.

Call Recording 

Call recording is the essential addon every business should club with their 1300 or 1800-number. There are tons of benefits of recording calls, such as quality assurance. Also, it helps in training new employees while keeping track of the essential information required to run the business operations.

IVR Keypress 

The IVR keypress system helps the callers connect with the dedicated department they want. There are many benefits of the IVR system, such as it prevents the customers from all hassles.

The callers can quickly select the service they need or the solutions they have called for. After you get the IVR Keypress add-on integrated with the 1300 or 1800-number, the callers will hear an announcement that helps them select the right option.

Furthermore, businesses can choose up to 10 keypress options depending on the type of industry or service they offer. The IVR Keypress addon seamlessly works with international phone numbers, mobile phones or fixed lines.

Digital Fax 

Businesses can get a digital fax service connected to the 1300-number and enjoy receiving the faxes to a dedicated switch. Furthermore, the fax gets converted into. PDF document, which is easy to review and store. 

Australian businesses using this addon will get the benefit of collecting all faxes in the form of PDF, so they can keep track of all essential information that the customers share with them. 

Can I Get Multiple Addons with the 1300 Number?

All the aforementioned add-ons are important for every business that is using a 1300 or 1800 number. But is it possible to get several add ons on one number? Well, yes! 

You can get different addons with the 1300 and 1800 numbers, depending on your requirements. Ask your telco about the add-ons they offer, and get them activated to better the business operations.

Final Words 

These are the must-have addons every Australian business should get. The best way to learn more about these services is by contacting your telco. 

At Simple 1300 Numbers, we are a preferred telco in Australia that helps you get 1300 and 1800-numbers activated. Moreover, we offer a range of add-ons to help your business expand its reach while serving the customers better.

Click on the Contact Us button, and you can quickly get these addons activated. 

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: September 17, 2021 at 5:17am