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Save Cash with Dynamic Call Tracking

Getting traffic to your website is never an easy task. It is even harder to track down, and analyze the traffic that you receive for an in depth understanding of who your clients or customers are. Fortunately, with social, media, Google’s ad words and yahoo, the rate of conversion has increased and it is now easier to get traffic to your website. Using methodologies such as dynamic call tracking and search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketers (SEM) can get now get better return on advertising spend (ROAS). To understand the advantages of dynamic call tracking to digital marketing, you have to first understand how call tracking works.

Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS)

ROAS is simply a term used in the advertising community to describe profits made through advertising. It represents the dollar earned versus the dollar spent on advertising. It is measured by the price of advertising being subtracted first from the ROAS and then the profit from ROAS being measured with the advertising expenditure. Advertisers conduct this analysis of expenditure in order to get the highest return possible and eventually be certain of making money.

Web Conversions

Web conversion or conversion marketing is the process of converting the visitors of your website into customers. This entails carrying out campaigns such as product purchase on your website, newsletter signup, etc, as activities that create revenue streams from the website visitors. A high rate of conversion is important to any online marketing venture as it translates to higher returns on advertising spend.

Tracking Campaign Conversions Using Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic call tracking is the process of improving how your online marketing generates calls that ultimately leads to revenue from every channel. The challenge for most search engine marketers is under counting conversions from paid advertisements. This challenge can however be overcome by tracking calls back to specific keyword searches, web pages, social media and digital ads. Dynamic call tracking has the capability of lowering your cost per acquisition, by helping you cut off expenditure on non responsive campaigns, and therefore gives you a better grasp of your true conversion performance.

How It Works

This methodology works especially well for companies that get traffic from different parts of the world. This is because different countries have different phone codes and a website will therefore require different phone numbers to provide accessibility to all its clients from all the countries. By installing a single line of JavaScript code on every webpage you will be able to conduct dynamic number insertion which allows you to swap numbers on your web pages using a dynamic traceable number. The single line of JavaScript code automatically detects the location of the calls coming to your website and automatically swaps phone numbers on your website enabling you to track where you’re receiving calls from.

By understanding where your traffic is coming from, you will be able to conduct better web conversion and reduce expenditure on channels that do not generate enough traffic. Dynamic call tracking also allows you to engage with the clients that visit your website at a more personal level. Search engine marketers can now better understand the concerns of the clients that visit their web page since they have a clear understanding of where the client is located and the needs that would better certify the client. This methodology can therefore qualify you to optimize your services and products to your specific clients for better ROAS.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: July 19, 2016 at 12:29pm