As we have built a world class SIP network for our inbound network, we have decided to release a super cheap 1300 to SIP service for all the tech's out there.

If you have a SIP compatible phone system or an Asterisk system, you can receive your 1300 calls directly to your IP at extremely cheap rates.

Please note: this is not for the faint hearted and each system will be different, so we can only offer very limited support from our end. But we think it will be worth it for you due to the fantastic rates!

  SIP IP Termination  
SIP 1300
$8 per month
4 c/min ORDER
This is a prepaid product only. This is a self service product for people with technical skills. There is no telephone support available. If your not familiar with SIP, or don't know what an IP is, you should look at these 1300 numbers.

Standard Fixed line and mobile pricing from the 'Prepaid 1300' plan applies for any overflow configurations to the PSTN network.

If you have a large volume of minutes/numbers or even want a wholesale arrangement - contact us for better pricing.

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