1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

Brisbane 1300 Numbers

Brisbane up’s its Business game with 1300 Numbers from Simple Telecom. Top Reasons for going Simple.

  1. Price. Lets face it, price is a factor. Simple Telecom is Cheaper Then Telstra, starting from only $10 per month. Getting your own 1300 number for your business is now so easy and affordable.
  2. Local team providing customer service – That’s right, we are local. We know you don’t like explaing yourself to 3 different offshore operators before finally someone hangs up on you. Our team are actually trained in everything, doesn’t matter who you get when you call you can be confident they will have you sorted within minutes! Aussie only operators are the way of the future.
  3. Reporting and Features: We help you to make sure that the hard earned dollars you are spending on your promotion efforts are seriously effective. Special features make sure that all your calls have the best chance of getting answered, even to the extent of getting us to take the calls that you cannot handle.

Simple Telecom was born in Brisbane and has many long-term customers that it services in the Brisbane region and the surrounding areas. Simple Telecom is a specialist 1300 number supplier focusing on inbound products, live answering services, call tracking, VoIP and NBN internet. Simple Telecom moved to the Sunshine Coast as it’s Head Quarters after a few years of trading in Brisbane as the Internet became the core focus of marketing and service delivery.

Brisbane 1300 numbers from the guys here at Simple form a strong part of any business marketing and communication platform. From your micro 1-man-band through to large enterprise, the 1300 number has cemented itself as a core business product in the B2B space. The list of reasons for getting a 1300 number are compelling, lets face it you wouldn’t be here reading this otherwise. Let’s just put it this way – most marketing is a waste of time unless you are displaying a 1300 number as your primary contact number.

As you would expect, price has been squeezed down to a level where it really isn’t a consideration anymore. From 10 bucks you can have your very own 1300 or 1800 number connecting through to your mobile. This is a massive reduction from back when Simple Telecom started in Brisbane. Back in the late 2000’s, numbers where upwards of $50 big ones each month without any included value, making the product really only accessible by larger businesses.

As NBN closes in on us, getting your 1300 number across to a compatible supplier has never been more important.

Simple Telecom has key infrastructure to service the Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine coast’s as well as the greater area of Australia. This infrastructure ensures the best quality service for all calls, and large internet links give super-fast speed to our portal allowing you to make changes as quick as possible.

If your business is based in Brisbane, Simple Telecom would love the opportunity to supply your 1300 Number. We are seriously good at only a few things on this planet – and one of them are 1300 numbers. Our prices are seriously competitive, our features are extensive and our reporting platform is amazing. Our staff are all in Brisbane, our equipment is in Brisbane and our biggest customer segment is Brisbane 1300 Numbers – so if you are looking for expert advice and the best service, you’ve found it. Call us on 1300 858 751, you’ll see.