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Australian businesses are rapidly switching to 1300 numbers. These numbers are easy to remember, and dial Australia-wide without using any area-prefix.


1300 numbers come with a plethora of features like call recording, live answering, and you can use them on as many devices as you need without having physical phone lines.


Having a 1300 number will help your business flourish as more and more prospects can recognise your unique identity.

What Are 1300 Numbers?

1300 numbers are 10-digit business numbers your customers and prospects can dial to contact you. They are virtual numbers that anyone can call through a mobile phone or landline at regular call rates – Australia-wide. Most people often refer to a 1300 number as a local call number – one of many reasons why these are perfect for small Australian businesses.


There is no need to add an area prefix when dialling a 1300 number, because 1300 numbers are considered to be local. As a result, it is easy for your customers to contact you. 


1300 Numbers are popular among Australian businesses irrespective of their size. These numbers help you expand your geographical reach by giving you a virtual phone number that is easy to remember. Australian 1300 numbers are more than mere phone numbers, and your business can reap immeasurable benefits by enhancing your B2C and B2B communications with a 1300 number.


The cost of the call is shared among the caller and the business – just another reason why small Australian businesses love our cheapest 1300 numbers so much, as they don’t have to bear the entire cost of the call.


Getting a 1300 number doesn’t have to be costly. At Simple 1300 Numbers, we provide some of the most competitive and affordable rates in Australia.


1300 Numbers vs 1800 Numbers: What is the Difference? 

If you don’t know what 1800 and 1300 numbers are, then you are missing something big! These are not just telephone numbers, but a key to unlock business success by setting your business apart from the competitors as your audience can identify your business through a unique number.


What are 1800 Numbers?

1800 numbers offer similar features to that of 1300 numbers, but the main difference is the cost. The cost of the call is on the business or service provider, and the customer can call for free from any corner of Australia, including mobile and phone lines.


As these numbers are free for the callers, they are termed as Australian Toll-Free Numbers. To dial a 1800 number the customer doesn’t have to use the area code, so these are easy to remember and call, especially through the phone line.


Having an Australian 1800 Number is indispensable for local Australian businesses, especially those that are into selling products with after-sales services. Your customers don’t have to pay for the call when you buy a 1800 number from us, and it can be another reason why they will stick to you for your product/services.

How to Choose

More and more Australian businesses are choosing 1300 and 1800 numbers due to their undeniable benefits. With this being said, choosing the right number for your business is essential to reap the benefits. The significant similarities between both numbers make it even more challenging for the businesses to choose.

Why choose a 1300 number?

A 1300 Number isn’t a toll-free number, and the cost of the call is shared among the caller and the account holder. The call rate depends on the mode of calling, such as the local carrier charges. These numbers are suitable for small businesses that need to connect with the customers but don’t offer after-sales services.


Retail businesses can also get a 1300 number as these are more affordable as you and the caller can share the price of the call, so everything isn’t on you.

Why choose a 1800 number?

An 1800 number or a toll-free number is totally free for the callers. The account holder pays the cost of the call, and the callers can enjoy a free call that makes them stick to your business.


Toll-free numbers are best for businesses that offer after-sales services. These numbers are portable and don’t have any geographical boundaries.


So you have decided which number will be suitable for your business? Let us know so we can offer a customized plan with a range of appealing numbers. Contact us, and we will get back to you shortly.

1300 Numbers Vs Traditional Landline: Why Switch?

If you are using a traditional landline for your business, then some bewildering questions can grapple you making it hard to decide whether you need a 1300 number or not.


By taking these virtual inbound call numbers, you will get immense benefits that your traditional landline can never offer.


No Geographical Restrictions

The traditional landline has a geographical restriction, but the virtual 1300/1800 numbers don’t. You can take the number to your new office location, and that doesn’t require you to wait for anything.


Routing Facility

Routing facility helps you divert calls to the specific points on the go. Moreover, you can opt for live call answering if your existing staff is busy revolving customer concerns.


It’s Cheaper

Using these numbers can turn out to be cheaper for you and the callers. The cost of the call is shared by you and the caller for 1300 numbers, while the callers don’t have to shell out even a penny for 1800 numbers.

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Benefits of 1300 Numbers for Your Business

By investing in a 1300 ten-digit number, you are investing in tons of benefits your business will experience. The foremost benefit is that these numbers have no geographical restriction, which means you can handle the calls from anywhere within Australia.

Furthermore, the numbers are easy to remember, and your customers can use the numbers to differentiate your business from the competitors.


The unique phone number can be your brand’s identity. You can choose a number that spells your business as an example 1300 BURGER, so your customers can find out that you sell burgers. Similarly, you can select a number based on the product or services you sell, so it becomes your unique brand identity.


Setting your business apart from the competitors requires thorough planning and improvement in services. But using a 1300 number gives you the competitive edge you require to lead. Your customers and prospects will feel more confident about your business, and that’s what a business needs to succeed.


When it comes to managing inbound calls, nothing can match the ease you get with our 1300 Numbers. You can virtually access the details anytime and anywhere to track how many calls you received on the number, the call duration, and the missed calls.


Using the call recording, auto-attendant, and live recording will reward your business with the flexibility it needs. We offer these professional features with these inbound call numbers, so you get extreme flexibility at affordable rates.


Routing calls is easy with Simple 1300 Numbers. You can choose a voice to email or call diverting for the after-hours, so your customers still get the point of contact whenever they need you. Our live answering services are also routable so you can divert the calls to us.


Business expansion may require you to shift to a new office once your operations outgrow the existing premise, and that’s where you will get the benefit of having a 1300 number. You can take the number to the new location as these are virtual numbers and don’t require physical phone lines.

Keep your number the same, so your customers don’t have to wait to contact you till the new contact line is available to receive calls.


1300 Number Features We Offer

Simple 1300 Numbers offers a variety of features with the 1300 numbers so you can enjoy ultimate benefits by taking these numbers with us. There are some standard features you will get by taking 1300 numbers from us.

If you don’t have the time to attend the call, then you can leave it on us. We have expert call attendants that can attend the calls on your behalf, so you can focus on filling the gaps to improve your business.

A professional business greeting message is the best thing the callers can hear whenever they call you. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to promote your services and products, and that’s a win-win for your business.

You get a call log where you can track how many calls were received on the number. The call alert feature is beneficial when you opt to live answering services, so you don’t miss the data of any calls.​

Call recording is beneficial to train your employees and for feedback sessions. Furthermore, by accessing the recordings, you can ensure that your customers are happy by finding out the scope of improvements by listening to any of the recorded calls.​

With the voice to email feature, you can create a voicemail for the after-hours when the call answering services are not available. Also, you will receive messages through email, so you remain updated about the calls being missed.​

Managing calls has never been so easy, but with Simple 1300 Numbers, you can experience the ease of managing the calls. The call management feature includes options such as call overflow, call forwarding that are extremely useful to avoid congestion when you receive a substantial amount of calls. 

You can route geographical points, especially for a particular region to avoid call overflow to one point.​

The auto-attendant feature ensures that your customers don’t have to wait on the call. The smart feature transfers the call to the right department so the callers can quickly get the solutions they are looking for.​

How Can You Get a 1300 or 1800 Number for Your Business?

At Simple 1300 Numbers, the entire process of getting a 1300 number is seamless and easy. The entire process works online, and you can quickly sign up for the services with an active internet connection.

Follow this process to get a 1300 or 1800 number from us:


Choose from a basic or premium plan depending on your budget.


Choose the type of services you would like to add to your package. We offer multiple services such as call recording, answering services, keypad dialer, click to call, and call tracking.


Now fill the service form by selecting the service location, plan type, and other such details the page asks for.


After the completion of the payment, our team will process your requests without any delays.

With this easy 4-step process you can sign up for a 1300 or 1800 number at Simple 1300 Numbers.

About Simple 1300 Numbers

At Simple Telecom, we offer a range of 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers at reasonable rates, so you don’t have to splurge to get quality services. We offer a multitude of services, including live answering, call recording, and our services are free from contracts.


Most small and medium-sized businesses across Australia choose us because of our services and customer satisfaction. We use cutting-edge software and tools that are easy to use, and you can manage the calls yourself without any professional assistance.


Why Choose Us?

You will find multiple service providers that offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, but Simple 1300 Numbers offers more than just numbers. We have prompt services and quick service add-ons, so you get a customized package with a unique number that’s fit for your business.

Affordable Plans

The plans offered by us for 1300 and 1800 numbers are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to have a unique number for your business. We are one of the cheapest 1300 number providers in Australia.

Versatile Services

You have the option to divert calls and use our live answering services whenever you need. To get ultimate flexibility with affordability, Simple 1300 Numbers should be your choice.

Easy to Contact

We are always available to listen to your queries. Whether you are finding it hard to use the tools or you need some more help, our customer reps are there to help.

Cutting-edge Technology

The tools we use are cutting-edge and highly secure. All the account holders will get a login id and password to access the account anytime and anywhere.

No Downtime

Your callers won’t face any issues due to downtime, and it gives your business more opportunities to grab the leads. When you get more calls, you get more chances to close the sales, and it helps your business flourish.

So you can keep your existing number at the same time experiencing ultimate affordability and ease with Simple 1300 Numbers.

What Do We Offer?

At Simple 1300 Numbers, we don’t just offer numbers; we bestow our clients with fantastic service experience, and that’s why our clients call us the best 1300 number provider in Australia. Whenever you choose us to get these virtual numbers, we make sure that the number suits your business, and it sets you apart from the crowd.

A Range Of Numbers

You have the options to select from a pool of numbers depending on your business of the type of industry you are in.

Flexible Packages

You can use the add-ons with the services and remove them at your convenience. It gives you the ultimate flexibility to manage the services while saving money.

Porting Services Available

If you already have a 1300 or 1800 number, but you are not happy with the service provider, then we’ll help you port the number. You won’t face any disruptions in the calls you receive, and the number will remain the same while the service provider will be Simple 1300 Numbers

So you are missing business opportunities due to not having a 1300/1800 number? Fix the issue with Simple 1300 Numbers and get a number that works in favour of your business by getting your brand the recognition it needs.

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