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1300 and 1800 Number Availability

Simple Telecom can help source your new 1300 number today.


For over a decade, Simple Telecom has been assisting Australia businesses with grabbing toll free numbers and checking 1300 number availability. Depending on the type of number connected, some have no lock in contracts but others do have a rolling 12 month contract, specifically when leasing a premium number.


To find out more about what types of number for your business and how you can get started with a brand new number or word for your business, check out the great info below.

How Does 1300 and 1800 Number Availability Work?


1300 and 1800 number availability depends on a number of factors.


To understand how 1300 number and 1800 number availability works, we will need to expand on:


  • • How the industry started

  • • How we got to the position we are in today

  • • What your options are


The industry was deregulated back in the last 90’s which created the space for smaller players to enter against the incumbents. 


During this process the ACMA created an auction process for 13/1300/1800 numbers where you could nominate for a number, then at the next auction day place a bid and fingers crossed you won it.   There were a number of key players who decided this was a great time to buy up some assets and they did.  This has wiped out most of the obvious words from the available number pool. 


The good news is that Simple Telecom has another brand, 1300 Easy Dial – a telecommunications carrier specialising in inbound numbers, 1300 numbers and 1800 number and toll free numbers with a large range of business number(s) that are available for your to Lease.


The place to buy numbers is here: You will be looking at a minimum of $40/month to secure the lease on a number + you’ll need a monthly plan to get it working..


Available 1300 and 1800 Numbers


Find out what 1300 and 1800 numbers are available here.


The numbers that are available to you are broken into two categories:


  • • Free numbers

  • • Phone words


Free numbers which can be obtained for no upfront fees, they just require a monthly fee to maintain the service connectivity. The better option though is a phone word which matches your business name or feature brand as long as it’s available. 1300 number availability is pretty easy to check, use our Search tool and you will quickly know what your options are.


You may want to even do some ideation to come up with some form of word or series of numbers that does work (just in case your first preference isn’t available).

Available Smartnumbers and Phonewords Numbers

Here is a few examples of fantastic numbers that we have available:

18000LOCKSMITH $40/m
1800STAYCOOL $150/m
1300HIRETOOLS $80/m
1800NEWLAWN $80/m
1300DRAFTING $300/m
1300WEBHOSTING $150/m
1300PHOTOGRAPH $250/m
1300DEBTASSIST $80/m
1300PIZZERIA $80/m
1800LEAFGUARD $350/m
1300NOTEBOOK $200/m
1300ALIGNMENT $120/m
1300SELLING $200/m
1300FACELIFT $250/m
1300PLEASURE $350/m
1300BISTRO $40/m
1300MAKEOVER $250/m
1300FASTCASH $650/m
1300TYRECENTRE $80/m


do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

Available Standard 1300 and 1800 Numbers


The other option is opting for a standard number. These numbers are free in the sense of comparing them to the premium inbound number which have lease fees, they have no initial charge, only the ongoing monthly fees. 


The downside of these numbers is – they won’t make a special word, or have a great memorable sequence of numbers.  Also, they are randomly assigned. We have very little control over the numbers and by default we allocate numbers at random.  If you have a particular objection to a number you receive – you can reach out to support and request that we switch the number.  Obviously this needs to be done immediately so it’s cheaper for all parties involved.


Which ever way you go the call management features that come with your Simple Telecom product will give you incoming calls allowing your customers to get in touch with you for the price of a local call. 1300 and 1800 numbers are a national phone number which your customers will love the local call rate.

How Can I Find Available 1300 and 1800 Numbers?


The database that Simple Telecom and 1300 Easy Dial holds is available for searching through the search tool: https://console1.simpletelecom.com.au/searching?branding=st

Can you get me 1300 XXX YYY (insert your desired number/word here)?


Short answer is hopefully! Simple Telecom acquired 1300EasyDial on 2021 along with a massive database of numbers that are available for lease. Check the 1300 number availability here. If its available – buy it. If not, try some other combination!

How long does it take to connect my new number?


If you opt for a free standard number, it will be done quick as possible – usually we get this done within a few minutes during business day.


If you opt for a premium number (That makes a word or sequence of numbers) then it can vary depending on the word load with the carrier, however at the time of writing we have been averaging 5 business days.

When do new numbers become available?


New numbers do become available from time to time. Generally this is due to existing clients cancelling their subscription for the service connected. These get added back into our database and will be searchable again, so keep this link in your bookmarks so you can find it and keep checking what we have.


To be honest, it is rather rare, we would only be re-advertising 2 to 3 numbers per year. But having said that we have re-published 1300 MYDENTIST which still gets calls – if this suits your business (ie. you run a Dentistry practice in Melbourne) then this could give you free business.


How to Get a 1300 or 1800 Number


Getting a number is as easy as following the Simple Telecom signup process. We do need to collect a full set of information about you (and your business) so please work your way through the process.




To find out detailed information about getting a 1300 or 1800 number before you signup, please read more at https://www.simple1300numbers.com.au/pricing-1300-numbers

We Can Help You Find the Right Number For Your Business


Would you like to discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve with David? Give him a call – 1300 858 751. He is the best person to chat with about 1300 number availability.

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