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To understand how 1300 number and 1800 number availability works, we will need to expand how the industry started, how we got to the position we are in today and what are you options.

The industry was de-regulated back in the last 90’s which created the space for smaller players to enter against the encumbants. 

During this process the ACMA created an auction process for 13/1300/1800 numbers where you could nominate for a number, then at the next auction day place a bid and fingers crossed you won it.   There were a number of key players who decided this was a great time to buy up some assets and they did.  This has wiped out most of the obvious words from the available number pool. 

The good news is that Simple Telecom has another brand, 1300 Easy Dial with a large range of numbers that are available for your to Lease.

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

The place to buy numbers is here: You will be looking at a minimum of $40/month to secure the lease on a number + you’ll need a monthly plan to get it working..


Here is a few examples of numbers that we have available:

18000LOCKSMITH ($40/m) 1800STAYCOOL ($150/m) 1300HIRETOOLS ($80/m) 1800NEWLAWN ($80/m)
1300DRAFTING ($300/m) 1300WEBHOSTING ($150/m) 1300PHOTOGRAPH ($250/m) 1300DEBTASSIST ($80/m)
1300PIZZERIA ($80/m) 1800FORSTAFF / DMSSQUARE ($80/m) 1800LEAFGUARD ($350/m) 1300NOTEBOOK ($200/m)
1300ALIGNMENT ($120/m) 1300SELLING ($200/m) 1300FACELIFT ($250/m) 1300PLEASURE ($350/m)
1300BISTRO ($40/m) 1300MAKEOVER ($250/m) 1300FASTCASH ($650/m)

1300TYRECENTRE ($80/m)


The other option is opting for a standard number. These numbers are free in the sense of comparing them to the premium numbers which have lease fees, they have no initial charge, only the ongoing monthly fees. 



The downside of these numbers is – they won’t make a special word, or have a great memorable sequence of numbers.  Also, they are randomly assigned. We have very little control over the numbers and by default we allocate numbers at random.  If you have a particular objection to a number you receive – you can reach out to support and request that we switch the number.  Obviously this needs to be done immediately so it’s cheaper for all parties involved.


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Short answer is potentially. We refer you directly to the source, the ACMA.  Head to www.thenumberingsystem.com.au and click on the green button on the bottom left. Search for your number here. If its available – buy it. If not, try some other combination!

If you opt for a free standard number, it will be done quick as possible – usually we get this done within a few minutes during business day.

If you opt for a premium number (That makes a word or sequence of numbers purchased from the ACMA) then it can vary depending on the word load with the carrier, however at the time of writing we have been averaging 4 business days.


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