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Phone Words And Smart Numbers

Have you ever seen a car drive past with stickers on it indicating the business name and their phone number listed? Simple Telecom can enable your business to do the same or something similar through Phone Word or Smart Numbers as they are otherwise known.

These types of phone numbers leave a lasting impression for anyone that sees them. How much easier is it to remember 1300 EASY DIAL compared to 1300 327 934.

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do you want a
1300 or 1800

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Understanding Phone Words and Smart Numbers

Let us help you understand what these numbers are, and the little tips and tricks that we might have for you to secure not just a number, but a key piece of your business marketing strategy. Synchronising your brand across as many advertising and marketing channels will embed your brand with your customers.

What are Phone Words?

Phonewords are the name for inbound numbers that create a recognisable word when the numbers are converted to letters. There are 3 types of inbound numbers that can be used as prefixes for phonewords.

  • 1300 Numbers

  • 1800 Numbers

  • 13 Numbers

Each of these are best suited to specific markets which we will unpack below in detail. It’s also worth mentioning now that the 13 variations carry a hefty government annual levy, so the cost of these needs to be offset by the strength and remember-ability of the selected phone word.

Commonly, you can expect to pay a lease fee to utilise the phone word for your business and a monthly service fee for it to be connected. Simple Telecom can assist you with the entire process, from a starting place of searching for a number and all the way through to getting it connected to your business so you can start advertising it and receiving calls from your customers.

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What are Smart Numbers?

Smartnumbers is the broader term used to describe inbound numbers that are sold, rather than presented to the Telco’s for free. Smart Numbers differ from phoneword variations in that smart numbers are not restricted to outputting phone numbers that make words. Instead, they can make memorable patterns of numbers, numbers that roll off the tongue or are just desirable or brand specific.

Aside from that broadened view, we present phone words and smart numbers together as the same thing because at an underlying product level they are identical with the same wholesale costs and same retail functionality expectations. 

How the Two Work Together

Phonewords and Smart Numbers go hand in hand in that they are just two different aspects: the value you can expect to your business, and what is possible with an Inbound Number. Phonewords make up recognizable words, whereas Smart Numbers include phonewords as well as any other type of inbound number that you have to lease, compared to inbound numbers that don’t carry a monthly lease fee.

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The Benefits of Phone Words

There are a number of benefits your business will receive through choosing a phone word for your new inbound phone number.

  1. Brand recognition is commonly cited by Simple Telecom customers as the driving reason for selecting a Phone Word.

  2. Security of branding is the second most common reason

  3. Reporting functionality

  4. Extended features that come included for free with the phone word.

Aside from the direct feedback Simple Telecom customers have provided, there is evidence to support the notion that phonewords are:

  • 5 & 1/2 x more memorable than conventional numbers

  • Because they are easy to remember, they are more likely to be passed on in a referral from your existing customers

  • People know that phone words cost a bit of money, so they associate that with an established and trustworthy brand that is in the business for the longer term

  • In a sea of competition, having a memorable number helps you to stand out

  • More repeat business in the long term as marketing efforts can stack around the phone word

How Much Do Phone Words and Smart Numbers Cost?

Phone words and smart numbers start at $40/month (or more), on top of your 1300 plan. This would make the cheapest option for numbers starting at $50/month (all excl. GST).

If this is outside the budget – don’t worry, you can just opt for a free standard number, which is numbers starting at $10/month for the average small businesses.

However, some of the more premium numbers are more expensive than this due to the word value. There are some other people in the industry who charge upwards of $5k/month just for lease fees for a number they have built an entire national business brand around.

No matter what you pay for your number lease fee, ranging from 0 – 500 per month, you can expect the same great quality service to host and connect the number. Simple Telecom includes a great range of free add-ons that you can use at your discretion for your service and a full control panel allowing you to adjust the configuration as you require without engaging with support. It really is the best of both worlds; excellent pricing and a full self service platform for your new phone word or smart number.

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How Can I Buy a Phone Word or Smart Number in Australia?

Buying a phone word or smart number is a straightforward process, and something that Simple Telecom can help you with:

    1. Find the perfect number for your business. We have a massive database of numbers in stock & we can also source numbers from our partner network. If you want a particular number (and you’ve called it to confirm someone hasn’t already beat you to it) then we can assist you in connecting it.

    2. Connect your number. Dave is the guy to speak to at Simple Telecom – he will walk you through the process, discuss the pro’s and con’s of the various plans on offer and be a point of contact once your service is connected and running.


Getting a New 1300 Phone Word

Ready to launch your business? Get the perfect domain and match it with the 1300 phone word that matches your business.

We have a massive range of smart numbers in stock & via our network we can source a lot more numbers for you.  If you cannot find what you want, please reach out to us and we might have a few sneaky ideas for you to find something Great with a high word value.


What To Do If You Already Have a 1300 Phone Words Number

Already have a 1300 phone word number, and need it connected? Or, you might be unhappy with your current service. Congrats! We can connect it for you. Just throw your details in the signup section (Activate Smart number). 


Is It Better to Lease or Buy Phone Words?

As an end customer, you will be much better off if you can buy a phone word outright, in particular if you plan to maximise the number and run the business in the medium to long term. Otherwise, leasing a number allows you to spread that cost over years and slowly ramp up the business to cover it. There is no real point in spending 10k on a number upfront if you aren’t prepared to spend 100k marketing it over the next 3 years.

How to Choose a Phone Word

Want some help with picking a number? We are pros. Here are a few tips you might want to consider:


  • The first tip would be to just add a 4 to the start of the word. Say you are after 1300 SIMPLE and you find it’s unavailable (this is just an example) then you could try for 1300 4SIMPL. You can make use of the over-dialing feature available and actually present the number as 1300 4 SIMPLE on your website/business card, but the underlying number would just be 1300 474 675


  • If 4 isn’t available, our next favourite option is 0, so 1300 0SIMPL. Now we are really getting creative, but maybe just use the search feature for “SIMP” and see if anything good comes up? But honestly, if you are at this point I’d suggest brainstorming other product names or variations or just going for a free number because it just doesn’t have the same impact.

Simple Telecom has been doing inbound numbers for so long now that we are well connected with the larger companies who own the majority of the premium numbers or smart numbers.


If you find a great number and someone else already owns it (high word value) and it’s available for lease, we advise not contacting them directly – get Simple Telecom to do it on your behalf. We arrange a profit share deal with them and we will be able to pass on guaranteed savings to you rather than you going direct. As soon as you go direct, the gig is up and we won’t be able to help – don’t say you were not warned.

Simple Telecom would love to help you with the process as we know it’s a little painful – please call and let us know where you are at and we will help you through it all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Numbers and Phone Words

Simple Telecom will assist you at every step of this process. In fact, we abstract a lot of it away so you don’t really need to worry about it. If you are grabbing a number that Simple Telecom is offering  then we do absolutely everything for you. If you already have a number, then we can port it or activate it for you. Give us a call and we can discuss the finer details.

The ACMA is the government body responsible for setting the rules for telecommunications (in this context, they also have other responsibilities). They are known as the Australian communications media authority and they collect the allocation charge for all appropriate numbers. They control the numbers and which telcos have access to the various numbers available. It is all very complex, so let’s just finish this point – “Simple Telecom ” was founded with the ideology of making telco stuff simple, so rather than explain it just let us do our thing and pass on the great pricing.

If you are in the market to secure a new number for your business, you absolutely should check the availability of an exact match smart number for your business, or for your product or preferred brand. If a great number isn’t available, then consider opting for a regular number – either way, it is a must have decision point for any business owner. You can expect to get more calls and more customer engagement through word of mouth response rates as a result of having an easy to remember phone word. This should lead to more sales, and every business needs this, right?

The best way to convert a phone number to words is to use our search tool. If there is a word on file for a matching number we will present it in the search results. But, what if you have no signal? Just open your mobile and go to the phone dial pad. You’ll see that some of the numbers have three or four letters that correspond to the number.

Some numbers might only make part word, so figuring out the conversion can be even trickier – that’s why we encourage you to discuss what you need with David so he can help you find the right number.

Phone words really took off back when the telecommunications industry was deregulated and the inbound number network was born. This was circa 2000, and it was also when almost all of the premium phone words were captured and presented for lease for customers.

Simple Telecom has a range of free features included in the hosting of our number ranges. This includes things like support for Professional voice recording for Voice To Email & Keypress Menus and Call Recording to capture the contact details of your telephone number callers.


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