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Configuration – Simple Console

The Simple Console is the operation centre for your new 1300 or 1800 number. Inside the Simple Console you will be able to configure every element of your inbound service.


The Simple Console is a real-time and fully integrated system with the telephony platform meaning any changes you make take affect immediately and all reporting is in real-time.


The most obvious configuration option is the ability to change the routing of your number. We refer to this as the Answer Point.

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

Beyond this, we have a list of free features  which you may want to explore in detail in the Simple Console. These features can be turned on and off so you can experiment with your configuration until you are happy.

The most common items that are configured is adding a Voice To Email addon to capture the details of any callers that you are unable to get to. This is just good business and it’s a free feature that we strongly encourage people to use.

Adding Services

We even give you the ability to add extra services on the spot in the Simple Console, so if you need a new 1300 or a local number for a marketing campaign , you can just jump in and get one instantly.

Cancelling Services

We hate to see you cancel services, but we understand sometimes there is a great reason to do so. We allow you to do this directly yourself in the console (or you can email Simple Telecom and we will assist you with this).

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