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Simple Telecom really takes the mantra of simplicity seriously and has extended this mantra to making payment as simple and easy for everyone.

Inside the Simple Console you will find the payment section. In this area you can find details on how you can pay your account or top up your prepaid account.

Simple Telecom is proud to have no fees for prepaid accounts. This means for credit card payments and paypal payments, you will not have any fees taken out of your payment.

Making use of the Auto-TopUp facility is strongly encouraged for customers choosing the Prepaid account types. There are a number of reasons you really should go prepaid:
1. It’s cheaper (10% discount for the life of the account)
2. No transaction fees
3. No credit checks

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Just remember when selecting Prepaid that you are dealing with the Billing System directly. It is programmed to turn off services when there is not enough funds (ie. To collect monthly fees). If you the kind of business person who pays attention to their emails then this is perfect, however if you only like to check in once a month, prepaid might not suit your needs.

Simple Telecom also supports direct deposit payments, please use the bank details and reference number on your payments so we can match the payment to your account correctly.

Additionally, You can view you invoice history and download a PDF of past invoices.

Pre-paid accounts can view their past payments and the invoices that are generated for those payments.

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