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1800 Numbers Cost Australia

The cost of 1800 numbers has three cores for you to compare. You can choose a premium number that makes a word (which will have a license fee), will pay a monthly fee for the service to be connected, and you will pay per minute rates for every call you receive through your inbound number.


Simple Telecom presents a range of plans for your new or existing 1800 number (if you are porting to Simple Telecom). 


With pricing starting at an entry point of $10 per month ranging up to $99 per month, Simple Telecom has a plan that will suit your business whether you are receiving 10 calls a month, 10 calls a day or 10 calls per hour or even 10 calls per minute – we have the plan structure and capacity to suit all.

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

How Does 1800 Number Pricing Work?

1800 number plans are structured with the following pricing elements. 

• A license/monthly fee

• A per minute rate for receiving calls (incoming calls)

• Fixed line vs mobile minutes packages (specific plans only)

License/Monthly Fee


The first pricing element within a 1800 number plan is the license fee.


The license fee is often charged for premium numbers that either make a specific phone word or a desirable sequence of numbers. You can start your own search for the perfect number here: 1800 phone words.


The secondary monthly fee is the per month rate based on the plan you opt for. This fee generally will also include making sure your number is connected and configured for you.

Incoming Call Costs


The second factor within 1800 number pricing is the cost of incoming calls.


The pricing listed is for answering calls in Australia and they are listed excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST) and they are listed PER Minute.  The pricing is calculated on a per second basis, so if you call is only 10 seconds long, you will only pay for 10 seconds at the given call rate.

Fixed Line and Mobile Minutes Packages


Lastly, some 1800 number plans have an included Dollar ($) value or an included minutes package.


The plans are structured to price the calls based on how you choose to answer the calls.  Your options are fixed line (which includes VOIP) or mobile.

Cost of Mobile Calls


Simple Telecom is often asked to route mobile calls for the free call numbers and the price of the call cost. This is easily understood through inspection of the 1800 number plans detailed below. The call rates PER minute ranges from 16c per minute through to 35 cents per minute.


What a bargain. Get in touch with Simple Telecom to enable your local call to be reduced by a significant amount. Most calls to your new number will be free calls.

Cost of Landline Calls


Just like mobiles calls, landline calls or a local call be be priced per minute with Simple Telecom. Prices range from 4c per minute through to 15c per minute – which is significantly cheaper than routing calls out to a mobile number.

One Off Costs


The following one off costs may also be applicable:


  • 1800 number setup

  • The cost of the number itself (where applicable)

  • Add on features with complex setup (where applicable)

Other 1800 Number Cost Factors: Local Calls, Toll Free Numbers and More


As a business owner, you need to understand how much a 1800 number is going to cost your local business.


Just remember – local callers to your 1800 number will pay nothing, and this is also true when it comes to national calls. Mobile phone callers will most probably pay nothing as well, depending on their plan with their service providers. Mobile phones are the most common type of call and are seeing a steady increase in popularity through the 202x’s


Regardless of the aforementioned, the price for you to call a 1800 number should always be free. if you find yourself being charged, find a new service provider.

What Features Are Included Within 1800 Number Costs?


Simple Telecom’s 1800 numbers include a wide range of features that are included, most of them are free too!


Our features include:

  • Voice To Email

  • Recorded Announcements

  • SMS Notifications *Charges Apply

  • Email Notifications

  • Call Recording

  • Call Overflow

  • Time Based Routing

  • Keypress Menu

  • Postcode Dialler *Charges Apply

Is a 1800 Number Free?


This question has two sides, depending on which side of the 1800 number you sit.


The business owner will pay a per minute rate to receive a call from a 1800 number. This will vary from 4c per minute through to 35c per minute.


A caller will pay nothing when making a call to your 1800 number.


The 1800 phone number has exactly the same features as other inbound numbers. In fact, you can route your 1800 number from your service provider through to the same phone number.

What About From Mobile?


Considering almost all mobiles are on plans with their carrier (including prepaid), statistically most mobile calls through to a 1800 free call number will be free (or at least included in the plan with no additional charges).

How to Get a 1800 Number


When it comes to getting a 1800 number, you have two options:


  1. Grab a phone word 1800 from Simple Telecom – search your brand or product name with our new search tool here: https://console1.simpletelecom.com.au/searching

  2. Get assigned a free number by Simple Telecom – start your signup process here: https://console1.simpletelecom.com.au/signup_1300_1800_numbers

How to Dial a 1800 Number From Australia


Dialling a 1800 is as simple as dialling any number.


Grab your phone, key in the full 10 digit (or more) number into the telephone app and hit the Dial application. You should hear ringing (or an audio) within 3 seconds, no matter what device you are calling from.

Frequently Asked Questions About 1800 Number Costs

David will always recommend the cheapest plan, our $10/month Prepaid Only plan.  You can always move up a plan if you are getting more calls! 

The only exception to this is when you are confident you are going to get a stead volume of calls (ie. Due to a seasonal event or marketing campaign), or if you are porting.


Simple Telecom doesn’t have any unlimited plans – however the $99 plan does include a lot of dollar value + post the included value the call rates are very competitive.

There is no real difference from a price or function point of view.

Consider what your target market may feel about a 1800 Number over a 1300 Number, bearing in mind there are a few generations of consumers out there who may not fully understand the difference with either option. When in doubt, David generally leans towards using a 1300 Number primarily because they are much more widespread and common.

Having said that – if you are looking for a premium number and a combination of numbers is available in a 1800 Number – this would be my first preference over a generic 1300 Number as the brand power for your business is worth it.

Usually, a 1800 number will be ready to use within minutes (opt for standard number, use Prepaid payment option). If you are porting, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 business days to port. If you are purchasing a premium number then these can take 4 to 8 business days as well.

We don’t aim to be the cheapest on the market – Simple Telecom is a well established market leader in the dedicated Inbound Telecommunications space. This positioning over the past decade has given us access to Tier 1 carriers and the buying power that  Simple Telecom has now allows us to pass on sharp pricing to all our customers.

This is an old school term that all the dinosaur Telco’s refer to as a specific type of call that can occur. Simple Telecom takes away all this complexity but just presenting to you 2x per minute rates that can only vary if you change how you are answering your calls.

This saves you cash, as you get our discounted rate for all calls and you can take advantage of the included value that Simple Telecom offers with some of the plans. Jump on board today, get started by heading to: https://console1.simpletelecom.com.au/signup_1300_1800_numbers

 Plan Monthly Fee Fixed Line Mobile Includes
Prepaid 1800
$10 per month
15c 35c Includes $5 call credit Prepaid Only ORDER
Light 1800
$15 per month
12c 32c Includes $5 call credit ORDER
Cap39 1800
$39 per month
10c 30c Includes 250 Fixed Line Minutes Includes 100 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Fixed Cap39 1800
$39 per month
10c 35c Includes 500 Fixed Line Minutes ORDER
Mobile Cap39 1800
$39 per month
12c 30c Includes 250 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Cap79 1800
$79 per month
7c 25c Includes 750 Fixed Line Minutes Includes 300 Mobile Minutes ORDER
High Volume 1800
$99 per month
5c 16c Includes $99 call credit ORDER
With the Cap plans the monthly fee is the only charge until the included value is used, then you pay the per minute rate listed.

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