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Big Data is a thing you probably have heard of, but don’t really make use of. Simple Telecom can help you with the telco side of big data – predominantly through finding and highlighting monthly trends. The particular power in big data is when you narrow down type and kind of information you are collecting.  As a marketing concept, we recommend when setting up a new advertising medium
– New website
– New landing page
– Facebook ads
– Re-Targetting ads
On these new mediums you can setup a brand new number (either a 1300/1800 or a local number) and exclusively list it on the new medium. The data you will then gather via the Simple Telecom reporting area (aka Simple Console) will then we pin point accurate in measuring the call statistics. The interesting pieces of information are the time of day people are calling, how long the calls are taking. When you combine that against other mediums, you have an additional data point to compare how well each of the advertising medium is doing.

There may also be seasonal monthly trends that your Simple Telecom reporting will help you locate. As many industries get busier during certain seasons, this may help you with workforce planning, staffing and resources.

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