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Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting Simple Telecom provides you detailed reporting for your 1300 or 1800 Number service. There are two types of reports available. The first is in the case of customers who receive monthly invoices (not prepaid accounts).

The invoices include a number of graphs and detailed call listings including the caller ID, the phone that answered the call, the time of the call and the cost of the call. The Simple Console also includes reporting. In the Services page there is a View button to load the reports. 


It has an informative graph which details the number of calls per day and the number of missed calls per day. It also has a graph showing the volumes of calls for the last 12 months in a month by month basis as well as showing the Dollar spend corresponding to that month as well. 


 There is a listing of the calls that have occurred for the month, the caller ID, time, duration and the cost of the call.  There is a total figure for the month, total calls and total minutes and it also allows you to select previous months information. 


If you have the Call Recording feature enabled you will also get an extra feature on the reporting page which allows you to play the call. Bear in mind that we only store up to 3 months worth of call recordings so if you need to store them longer, you will need to download them. 


 Keeping an eye on your monthly reporting will give you a bench mark for how your business is performing. It’s very useful if you use multiple numbers. Say one for Sales related marketing and one for support related calls – this way you can see how the business is growing and how your marketing is working.

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

Monthly Trends

Quickly view your advertising campaign performance and peak call periods, and compare them to other months.

With the Simple Console login, you can easily view and track the performance of your service and therefore marketing strategies that will be created as you run your business over time.

As with the monthly trend graph, there is a state breakdown of the inbound callers location so you can track where your marketing is working best.

Call Records

Monitor your call records, track spending, customer calling profiles and retrieve caller ID information.

The Simple Console login provides you with detailed call information for all your services. You can use this to view the time of call, duration of call, the cost of calls, the caller’s phone number and the location the call was answered.

Here is a sample:




Call Us

Invoices and Payments

View your account balance, view previous invoices and pay your invoices via credit card.

Inside Simple Console we provide our customers the facility to retrieve invoices – new and old, view invoice cost trends and make online payment via credit card.

We deliver invoices as a PDF which will be emailed to you at the start of each calendar month. It will contain the usage and service charges for your service for the previous calendar month.

From there, we collect on the outstanding amount on or around the 12th of each calendar month. This ensure that your invoice is paid on time before the due date.

For further information on our invoicing practices, please refer to the compliance section which outlines everything in further detail.






Configure Everything

The Simple Console provides customers with the ability to change almost all areas of their account. There is no cost for using any of the features in the Simple Console.

Here are a few of the options you can modify in the Simple Console:

  • Business Details
  • Contact Details
  • Answer Point Update
  • Addon configuration changes such as:
    • Update Greeting script (Live Answer)
    • Update SMS and Email address for messages (Live Answer)
    • Update answer points (IVR Keypress)
    • Update routing configuration (Call Recording)
    • Update email address deliver (Digital Faxing)

You can even change which plan your service is on, at any time during the month for free.

There is also an easy method of contact the support team in case you have any issues with your service or account.

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  • Prosperity Media have used Simple Telecom’s 1300 Number service for several years for our growing online marketing business. We have found the pricing to be great and the customer service to be top notch. Any questions we had were quickly answered via call or email. The reports provided are also great. If you are a small to medium business looking for a 1300 number or managed answering service chat to the team at Simple today.

    James Norquay

  • When I first looked into getting a 1300 number, it seemed impossible – it looked like I would have to sign up to a plan and pay a huge monthly fee to one of the big Telcos. I was delighted when I found Simple Telcom, and discovered that I could set it all up so easily. Our auto top up account is super-convenient, and the website is easy to use. Technology is a powerful tool for small business, and tools like Simple Telecom help us display a professional brand to the world.


  • To have a 1300 Number Callers can call a 1300 number from any fixed landline in Australia for the cost of a local call. Simple telecom provides quality services & wide rage of call routing built in facilities which helps in handling big call volume very easily.

    Muhammad Mohsin

  • Upgrading from personal phone numbers to a professional 1300 number service has changed the way we do business at Creative Installations. Simple Telecom helped us set up our 1300 number to work just the way we want for maximum customer satisfaction, with on going support and an increase in customer enquires, getting a 1300 number with Simple Telecom comes highly recommended if you want to grow your business

    Mark Tourni

  • As Australia’s largest seller of Isagenix products, we handle a large number of phone calls from our customers. It was paramount for our business to be able to redirect our three most common customer queries to relevant members of our business. Simple Telecom allows us to do this easily with their keypress menu functionality. We have also made use of the ability to route a call to multiple phone numbers – if one of us can’t get to their phone it is automatically rerouted to someone that can.

    Gabby Lois

  • Here at Digital Hitmen, we use Simple Telecom for a variety of services including our 1300 customer service number and recording of phone calls. We’re regularly on the road meeting clients, and their recording services allow us to refer back to calls we make during transit. If we ever have an issue with the setup of one of our numbers, the guys are extremely helpful and implement a solution in a very timely manner.

    Brad Russell

  • Being a business that generates most of our leads online, we rely on a fast, reliable phone service. We’ve been using Simple Telecom for 12 months now and we’ve never had any issues with connection, sound etc. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

    Rusty Franks

  • We were recommended this company through a friend that already uses their services. Although we are a fairly new business, we have loved how easy (and cost effective) it was to set up a phone system. We love the features on offer too – if we miss a call we get notified via email.

    Marc Loats

  • We rely heavily on phone calls to get customers for various locksmith related jobs. It’s just something that we can’t afford to get wrong. Simple Telecom are a hidden gem! Prices are great, the setup is extremely easy and there’s never any problems with calls dropping out or anything like that. If you’re looking at setting up a phone call system for your business I suggest you look at these guys as they are top notch.

    Cathy Williams

  • We have had our 1300 number through Simple Telecom for almost eight years now and it has been the best thing for our business. The set up was effortless on our behalf and we don’t have any issues ongoing issues, I never think about it. Unbelievably the cost is less than a cup of coffee for the whole month.

    I thoroughly recommend Simple Telecom to be an asset to any business, in fact if you don’t have one “Why Not”? Advertising is easy, Website and your 1300 number – boom you’re done, keep it simple, people love it!


  • I have been using Simple Telecom in my business for several years. I have found their service to be consistently reliable, and extremely affordable. Using a 1300 number makes me look professional in the eyes of my client, and their reporting allows me to better keep track of my inbound calls. I highly recommend Simple Telecom.

    Jason Boyd

  • Our clients from all across Australia are happy to have access to us via a 1300 number. It allows easy contact and none of our calls go unanswered. In our marketing, we are confident in providing the 1300 number across all our mediums as it provides a professional standing to our business. For us, it is not a huge cost for the business. We have been with Simple Telecom since early 2011 and we have only had to contact support once because everything actually is very “simple”. Once you are setup, viewing reports & managing the accounts is all done online and very easy to do!

    John Hehir

  • By having a 1800 number it allows us to have “one” number that can be diverted as we need it. We are not always in the office and have the number diverted to the person on call. Being a service provider that needs to respond 24/7 the 1800 number suits our needs perfectly.

    Gareth Deeg

  • 1300 numbers provides one single point of contact for our business. It enables current and prospective customers to call our business from a fixed line anywhere in the country, and are charged a local call rate from any landline in Australia. A 1300 Number is a cost effective way of showing callers we’re more than just a local business.

    The phone answering service ensures our customers have the best call experience possible, customers calls are answered immediately and the quick delivery of the message ensures the right person in our team responds!

    Kelvin Durcan

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