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Call Tracking Australia

Call tracking in Australia can help you discover how your marketing is attracting customers, how they are engaging with your advertising assets, and ultimately how they are calling into the company. Simple Telecom has developed the ultimate in call tracking to build your business the insights and detail that it needs.


Dynamic Call Tracking will allow you to take your PPC advertising to the next level.  It will drill down on a keyword and session detail when integrated with Google Analytics to provide a completely new level of understanding how your conversions flow through your website.  


1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are also used for call tracking.  They give you the professional appearance of a company with a national presence at a fraction of the cost, taking your marketing channels to a new level. You can use different 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers on different advertising material so when you come to analyse the call statistics, you can attribute those calls as leads on that advertising material.


No matter which method you go for, Simple Telecom can help you with your call tracking Australia requirements. We can support your marketing campaigns, call tracking software

What Is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is the process by which a business owner or advertiser would measure the call (or lead) levels that a particular advertising medium generates. To be specific, the call tracking data that Simple Telecom offers will enable you to list different phone numbers on different places eg:


  • • Your website

  • • Radio advertising campaign

  • • Business cards

  • • Specific landing pages or promos


As time goes on, you can understand exactly how many phone calls (and therefore leads) you have received from your website vs the radio advertising campaign you ran. This level of call tracking will enable you to make better spending decisions when it comes time to review your marketing campaigns.


A tracking solution like this (or some sort of similar tracking software) has been used by advertisers and smart marketing people for years – its time you joined and sharpened up your marketing campaigns.

What Are the Benefits Of Call Tracking?

The benefits of call tracking are potentially worth big dollars to you and worth understanding how they can be applied to your business. The fundamental idea is to have separate trackable phone numbers for your phone calls on your advertising materials so you can understand where each call has come from.

Knowing what works

Call Tracking will give you an immediate understanding as to which advertising medium you are running is generating the most amount of enquiries and calls.


Sometimes, it is the reverse that is more interesting for this – when you have a call tracking number listed for a few months and realise you haven’t generated a single call, maybe it is time to fail fast and fail quick and move that advertising effort and cost into something else. Call data leads to better phone calls, better call conversions and better marketing campaigns.

Knowing how much it costs

The cost of your call tracking solution needs to be consider as sometimes this is a limiting factor in how many tracking software options a business might consider. A detailed breakdown of each phone call, and the total cost for a particular service will really give you an understanding of the marketing campaigns that you run and the call conversions they are driving.

Understanding the customer journey

Some website visitors are after different things in the customer journey. Sometimes they will call you early in their search or later – this can be a real cost difference that you will want to exploit. Personally, I prefer talking to customers early on in their search. This is part of the offering that separates Simple Telecom from a lot of the competitors in that I do help customers understand what we offer, and help them find the best and cheapest product to suit their needs. Often, callers who are already informed are really only after a specific price point or a specific feature, and the sales process and engagement level is a lot slower.


Know and reflecting on the calls you have, and where they originated from may help you shape your messaging and the pitch. You can even make use of our call recording and call forwarding options to get the best out of your new call tracking solution.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking numbers work through the use of different telephone numbers such as 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers, local numbers, or even virtual mobile numbers. These numbers are allocated to you and your campaign or tracking platform. You then list these numbers on your advertising assets, sit back, and measure the call volumes and sales that each advertising asset you are call tracking generates.


There are two methods of call tracking to be considered.

Method 1: Assigning Multiple Numbers to Different Advertising Mediums


The first method is through purchasing and setting up multiple numbers and manually assigning these to different advertising mediums. Ie. you might list one number in your email signature, one on your website in the sales section and a different one for support.

Method 2: Dynamic Number Insertion


The other method, we refer to as Dynamic Call Tracking, which is in fact dynamic number insertion. This involves setting up a group of numbers, setting up a specific code snippet on your site and the hidden code switches out the number on a per session basis.


Which ever option you go for, make use of call recording as part of the call tracking solution for your marketing campaigns. Let’s quickly break down how the Dynamic Call Tracking service works in finer detail. This will give you a real deep understanding of how you can leverage this product to grow your sales. There are a few layers to the product:

Step 1

Assign Numbers

Initially, once you have created and account and purchase the product, you will be assigned a “group” of 1300 or 1800 numbers.  You will also be assigned some unique codes and sample Javascript and HTML code snippets for installation on your website.  

Step 1

Step 2

Special Snippet

Everywhere that you will be presenting the phone number for your company, you replace or wrap that HTML code with the special snippet from Simple Telecom.  

Step 2

Step 3

Add Javascript

Then add the Javascript snippet at the bottom of the HTML Body tag.  This using some special sauce code to setup the tracking session for the web visitor and it retrieves the 1300 number that is assigned to this session (if the session is pre-existing).  This means the website visitor doesn’t see different numbers, they just see the one for their visit.  This does mean 2x separate visitors will see two different numbers.

Step 3

Step 4


Behind the scenes, when someone calls one of those numbers then that is flagged in the reporting platform as a conversion against that particular session.  

Step 4

Step 5

Recylce the number

After a period of time, the session is closed and the number is recycled for the next valid session.  Depending on the number of sessions you have concurrently and the average time spend on the site, we may need to tweak the number of 1300 or 1800 numbers in your pool.

Step 5

Who Should Use Call Tracking?

Call tracking should be used by everyone who conducts any form of advertising for a product. This includes both online and offline marketing campaigns, it includes for profit or not for profit, events, support processes and the list goes on. Getting your marketing channels involved in call tracking software and call conversions will get you the best marketing campaigns you have ever had.


In almost every scenario, smarter decisions can be made with more precise data. Call tracking gives you this data and when combined with the call recording free feature, will give you the ability to retrospectively sharpen and create a feedback loop for the sales call process (or any type of call or process).


All business owners should be considering call tracking for their next marketing campaign. Without it, you are just spending dollars gaining likes, views, clicks, enquiries and calls – all good things but the gap here is that calls cannot be attributed to a particular source (without call tracking).


Marketing professionals generally already know about call tracking in some form. The industry often refers to Static call tracking and DNI, which we call Dynamic Call Tracking. Marketing processions should 100% be using call tracking for all campaigns and the output of the tracking is often used to compel and prove performance and is often tied to remuneration. Incoming calls are generally sales calls, but sometimes they have to connect with customer support teams. This type of business call tracking will sharpen your marketing spend for all your inbound calls and sales calls.


Simple Telecom works with many entrepreneurs who do “lead generation”. This is the process of generating a lead or a sales calls, generally through a website or some form of advert that the lead generator creates for someone else. The business model is fascinating and has been a strong driver for Simple Telecom to refine it’s call tracking product to better service all the Lead Generators out there. It is quite common to record phone conversations with a tracking solution that seamlessly integrates with customer call centre software.

How Much Does Call Tracking in Australia Cost?

The pricing for call tracking will vary depending heavily on your requirements and how granular you want to make your call tracking software be. The call data that is generated is also charged on a per minute basis, which forms part of the plan.

In general, you can expect to pay a monthly fee and per minute rates, but you can check out the pricing in the below table to find a plan that will suit you.


For detail on static call tracking, please refer to https://www.simpletelecom.com.au/call-tracking-pricing/

Dynamic Call Tracking and Analytics Pricing

All Dynamic 1300 Number Call Tracking plans come with the full reporting suite of features and assistance integrating into your website.

Fixed Line Mobile Includes
5x 1300 Call Tracking
$50 per month
10c 30c Includes 5x 1300 Numbers ORDER
10x 1300 Call Tracking
$80 per month
8c 25c Includes 10x 1300 Numbers ORDER
20x 1300 Call Tracking
$120 per month
5c 16c Includes 20x 1300 Numbers Extra numbers available, POA ORDER
All Dynamic 1300 Number Call Tracking plans come with the full reporting suite of features and assistance integrating into your website.

Critical Information Summary


Frequently Asked Questions About Call Tracking Australia

The answer is yes – if not properly set up, call tracking can have an impact on local SEO.  If you have multiple different numbers listed in your business contact details listings around the internet, you may get affected negatively. Avoid this by being consistent with your contact number that you use through the web medium.  You can mix up your numbers in PPC campaigns and in all other forms (signatures, print etc).

We recommending being sensible with how you setup your call tracking. You obviously need to track where the calls are coming from, but we encourage you to start with the bigger spends as a priority and then work backwards.


Offline efforts

  • • Yellow pages

  • • Direct mail

  • • Print ads

  • • TV & radio commercials

  • • Flyers & brochures

  • Billboards

Online efforts

  • • Google Ads PPC

  • • Microsoft Ads PPC

  • • Retargeting PPC

  • • Organic search results

  • • Online directories

  • • Social media pages

Access to your call tracking data is instant and provided in real-time. Simple Telecom will give you access to our latest software platform, the Simple Console where you will access this data. It will also allow you to make configuration changes, account and billing changes all online whenever you need.

Simple Telecom is proud to offer you the call tracking product whenever you are ready. Just click on the Signup link and follow the prompts to get your account organised and your new services connected.

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