1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

Dynamic Call Tracking – 1300 Numbers Or 1800 Numbers

Simple Telecom has developed the ultimate in Call Tracking to build your business the insights and detail that it needs to how your marketing is attracting customers, how they are engaging with your advertisings assets and untlimately how they are calling into the company. 


Simple Telecom’s Dynamic Call Tracking will allow you to drill down on a keyword and session detail when integrated with Google Analytics to provide a comopletely new level of understanding how your conversions flow through your website.  


Let’s quickly breakdown how the Dynamic Call Tracking service works. There are a few layers to the product:

Setup and Installation

Step 1

Assign Numbers

Initially, once you have created and account and purchase the product, you will be assigned a “group” of 1300 or 1800 numbers.  You will also be assigned some unique codes and sample Javascript and HTML code snippets for installation on your website.  

Step 1

Step 2

Special Snippet

Everywhere that you will be presenting the phone number for your company, you replace or wrap that HTML code with the special snippet from Simple Telecom.  

Step 2

Step 3

Add Javascript

Then add the Javascript snippet at the bottom of the HTML Body tag.  This using some special sauce code to setup the tracking session for the web visitor and it retrieves the 1300 number that is assigned to this session (if the session is pre-existing).  This means the website visitor doesn’t see different numbers, they just see the one for their visit.  This does mean 2x separate visitors will see two different numbers.

Step 3

Step 4


Behind the scenes, when someone calls one of those numbers then that is flagged in the reporting platform as a conversion against that particular session.  

Step 4

Step 5

Recylce the number

After a period of time, the session is closed and the number is recycled for the next valid session.  Depending on the number of sessions you have concurrently and the average time spend on the site, we may need to tweak the number of 1300 or 1800 numbers in your pool.

Step 5

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

Dynamic Call Tracking and Analytics Pricing

Fixed Line Mobile Includes
5x 1300 Call Tracking
$50 per month
10c 30c Includes 5x 1300 Numbers ORDER
10x 1300 Call Tracking
$80 per month
8c 25c Includes 10x 1300 Numbers ORDER
20x 1300 Call Tracking
$120 per month
5c 16c Includes 20x 1300 Numbers Extra numbers available, POA ORDER
All Dynamic 1300 Number Call Tracking plans come with the full reporting suite of features and assistance integrating into your website.

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