Fixed Line Mobile Includes  
Prepaid 1300
$10 per month
15 c 35 c Includes $5 call credit
Prepaid Only
Light 1300
$15 per month
12 c 32 c Includes $5 call credit ORDER
Cap39 1300
$39 per month
10 c 30 c Includes 250 Fixed Line Minutes
Includes 100 Mobile Minutes
Fixed Cap39 1300
$39 per month
10 c 35 c Includes 500 Fixed Line Minutes ORDER
Mobile Cap39 1300
$39 per month
12 c 30 c Includes 250 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Cap79 1300
$79 per month
7 c 25 c Includes 750 Fixed Line Minutes
Includes 300 Mobile Minutes
High Volume 1300
$99 per month
5 c 16 c Includes $99 call credit ORDER
With the Cap plans the monthly fee is the only charge until the included value is used, then you pay the per minute rate listed. Critical Information Summary

SMS are charged at $0.20 per sms. You can enable/disable the SMS feature from your customer console.




1300 number pricing will vary depending on the plan you select for the service.  The monthly charge can range from $10 through to $99 per month and call charges can vary in a similar fashion.

1300 number call charges can range anywhere from 3 cents per minute to 35 cents per minute depending on the plan, type of phones and the locations of these phones.

There are no setup costs on any of the Simple 1300 Number plans.

There are no costs involved with relocating the answer point when you move office or interstate.  Simple Telecom provides a customer control panel called the Simple Console, where you can manage and update the answer point directly yourself at any time without Simple Telecom's involvement.

Yes, all of the 1300 number plans listed by Simple 1300 Numbers carry a monthly ongoing charge.  The rate varies depending on the plan selected.

Simple Telecom cannot confidently answer this question due to the large number of mobile suppliers.  In general, most mobile plans include 1300 and 13 calls in the included monthly value whether that’s a dollar figure or a minute figure of usage.