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Introducing Simple Telecom, one of Australia’s best 1300 number providers. We invite you to read through in detail exactly how Simple Telecom offers 1300 and 1800 numbers, how much it will cost your customer to call you and finally how much it will cost you, the business owner to present a new 1300 number for your incoming calls.


When it comes to the cost of a 1300 number in Australia, how much you pay will depend on call volumes, the cost of the number itself, and the provider you choose.

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$10 /month

do you want a
1300 or 1800

$50 /month

What are 1300 numbers?


1300 Numbers are a virtual business phone number for your business. You can take this number with you, it is not attached to a geographic location. Callers can call inbound numbers for the price of a local call. 1300 Numbers can be connected to your traditional phone line, through to your mobile phone or straight into your VOIP services.

What are 1300 numbers used for?


1300 numbers are the Australian business go to number for inbound calls. They allow the business to advertise the 1300 number or phone word as the contact number for the business as well as setup special incoming call flows to route callers through to the correct destination inside the business.


1300 numbers are critical in order to establish a professional and credible look to your prospective customers and a national appeal. There is nothing worse than advertising a mobile phone number on your website for national calls.

How much does a 1300 number cost?


Simple Telecom, the telecommunications carrier specialising in inbound numbers, has a range of plans available for you to consider. When choosing a plan, you will need to factor in a number of options to best suit your business, the type of customers you have, how long you would spend on a call, how you want to answer the call (ie. what device/mobile).


Your best bet is to discuss your business plans with David directly, just give him a call. He can discuss call rates, call costs for local calls, mobile phones and fixed landline.


Not interested in talking? That’s fine. Let’s pretend you did call anyway and skip to the real question here – how much does a 1300 number cost? Generally, David will suggest to you that you opt for the 1300 PrePaid $10 per month plan. This plan is the cheapest entry point, gives you around 13 minutes of included usage ($5 call credit gets refunded back to your account each month against any call charges that are raised).


Up from here, David usually recommends the $39 range of plans. Now these plans are structured to be most suitable to businesses who receive a “regular” amount of calls each month (100-200 calls). As your call volumes grow, these plans become of great value due to the large number of included minutes when you opt for the right plan based on your chosen answer point. In particular the 1300 Mobile Cap $39 gives excellent value including 250 minutes of mobile answer point minutes (which equates to $75 worth of calls at 30c/minute).


Lastly, if you are cranking out the calls and growing your business hard and fast, then we have the $99 plan which delivers some very special call rates. With calls as cheap as 5 cents/minute, you will struggle to find better value without large volume and contractual commitments anywhere on the market. These plans will save you plenty of time and money and will allow you to focus on the day to day operations of your business rather than managing costs.


How much does a 1300 number cost? It varies depending on how many calls you receive, the length of the call and what type of phone you answer on. An average micro/small business can expect to pay anything in the vicinity of $10 to $39 per month when getting started, and then growing to 300-400/month for an established business with a number of employees.

1300 Number Pricing


Not all 1300 numbers were made equal. Some make valuable brands, products or words. These are more expensive as you would expect.


The $10 Prepaid 1300 and $39 Mobile Cap are our most popular plans for small and micro businesses. This is common for things like your online website business that might be your side hustle, or the contact number for your Trade based business number. On the other end of the scale, the $99 plan provides very sharp call rates and is commonly used by large call volume businesses, such as finance brokers, travel advice & insurance and feedback type services.


Please also take note there are no other hidden fees from Simple Telecom, the specialist inbound service provider.

There are also a large number of free features included in all these plans such as:


  • • Voice To Email

  • • IVR Keypress Menus

  • • Recorded Announcements and Whisper Announcements

  • • Call Recording

  • • Email and SMS notifications

  • • Time Based Routing

  • • Realtime configuration

  • • Realtime reporting


With the Cap plans the monthly fee is the only charge until the included value is used, then you pay the per minute rate listed. SMS are charged at $0.20 per SMS. You can enable/disable the SMS feature from your customer console.


Critical Information Summary



1300 Pricing

Plan Monthly Fee Landline  Mobile  Includes
Prepaid 1300
$10 per month
15c 35c Includes $5 call credit Prepaid Only ORDER
Light 1300
$15 per month
12c 32c Includes $5 call credit ORDER
Cap39 1300
$39 per month
10c 30c Includes 250 Fixed Line Minutes Includes 100 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Fixed Cap39 1300
$39 per month
10c 35c Includes 500 Fixed Line Minutes ORDER
Mobile Cap39 1300
$39 per month
12c 30c Includes 250 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Cap79 1300
$79 per month
7c 25c Includes 750 Fixed Line Minutes Includes 300 Mobile Minutes ORDER
High Volume 1300
$99 per month
5c 16c Includes $99 call credit ORDER
With the Cap plans the monthly fee is the only charge until the included value is used, then you pay the per minute rate listed. SMS are charged at $0.20 per SMS. You can enable/disable the SMS feature from your customer console.

Critical Information Summary


Call Us

1300 & 1800 Number Add-ons

What if I have an existing 1300 number?


If you already have an existing number (ie. 1300 or 1800 Number) then please grab your latest invoice, or login to whatever portal you have access to and give David a call. Over the phone, David will be able to help you choose which plan is going to save you money compared to your existing supplier. It’s easy stuff!

Which plan is best for me?


If you haven’t got any established call volumes to pick a suitable plan (ie. new business), then we recommend the $10 monthly plan. As Simple Telecom doesn’t have any lock in contracts, you are free to move up to a more suitable plan once you have some volumes established (understanding how many calls received and calls answered in the month) – we suggest doing this after the first couple of months.

Can I change plans?


Yes – Simple Telecom doesn’t lock you into contracts, change up or down as you require.


Can I cancel my service at any time?


Yes you can cancel your 1300 Number with 30 days notice, so basically you will be charged for the remainder of the calendar month.

Are there any unlimited style 1300 number pricing plans?


All 1300 number plans have the same structure; that is a monthly component and a per minute component, which is different call rates depending on the types of calls involved. We do our best to provide as much value as possible through the included value plans, and the plans we present here have worked extremely well for Australian business over the past 13 years and we expect them to continue to do so.

Do you have any special plans for agencies or group buy arrangements?


Yes we do – however we can’t share that secret pricing here publicly. Please give us a call and discuss what you would like to do and we will come up with something special for you.

Can I choose my own 1300 number?


Of course you can! As long as no one else has beaten you to the phone numbers that you want. You can search for your desired number from our available numbers


Can I get more than one 1300 number for my business?


Simple Telecom can provide you with additional 1300 numbers. There are no restrictions on the number of services you have, and we can even route the incoming calls through to the same destination answer point.

Frequently Asked Questions About 1300 Number Costs in Australia

A 1300 number is a 10 digit inbound Australian business phone number. Generally a business will advertise the 1300 number for a national presence as the contact number for your business and will setup the incoming calls to be routed through to the best person to answer the call, even if its a mobile calls. or specific routing features required.


The 1300 Number will give your business a more professional image and a full suite of configuration options so you have the maximum control over what calls you receive and how you handle those calls as well as Simple Telecom’s full range of multiple routing options. The preference for a national audience is generally beneficial for a business as it opens up the available market as compared to just using local area call numbers.

The formal answer for “is it free to call a 1300 number” is no, there is a charge the network will incur and often pass on for calling a 1300 number. As inbound numbers, they are specifically setup to only receive incoming calls, historically at a discounted rate. In a year gone by, calling a number from a different state in Australia meant you would pay a “long distance” toll fee, which was significantly higher than the local call one of charge. This gap is where the 1300 number gained popularity, as it would enable longer distance callers and mobile callers to engage with the business at fixed call rates and better manage their call costs.

In general calls to 1300 numbers are billed depending on the fee for your device you are making the call from. The ACMA like to regulate this, so it is fairly consistent between suppliers. Most mobile plans that include unlimited calls will include calls to 1300 numbers, however it is recommended you verify this before making a call.

The difference in availability. If your perfect brand/business name is available in the 1800 variant, or the 1300 variant- then absolutely jump on either one. This is by far the biggest purchasing and feature value you will get form a 1300 number.

There is a difference in customer perception. This is the second major factor that will help shape your marketing strategy, where and how you advertise your number and how much effort and budget you should allocate to getting the perfect number and configuring it to provide a positive calling experience to your customer base.

Difference in call rates. Just tricking, we don’t have a level of discrimination between 1300 and 1800 numbers or toll free numbers. We tidy up all the complexity of the pricing to give you a consistent call rates across both products.

Difference in features. Ha – got you again. The feature set for both 1300 and 1800 numbers are exactly the same. No difference to see here

Difference in pricing. Nope, again this is the same no matter which option you use.

But, your customers may experience a slight price difference between the 1800 and 1300 number variations depending on their plan with their local call rate or mobile phone carrier.

Simple Telecom offers an online search tool, so you can begin you researching into finding the perfect phone word number for your business number. Once you have found a number, or opted to receive a generic number – head to the Simple Telecom Signup page, signup for an account and put some funds through for the prepaid balance. Getting a 1300 number should be a painless experience for you. please call if you need to discuss the process, or if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss our in depth call reports.

There are three faces to the 1300 number call costs/call rates that we need to unpack to get the full insight into what the best plan might be. We break pricing structure into customer/business owner to start with. The customer will hopefully have a plan that includes the 1300 number call charges as part of the plan. On the Simple Telecom end, we have a monthly fee for the telephony service to be offered and we incur per minute call charges as a call cost.

To get started with your new 1300 number click here to signup.


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