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How to Get a Custom 1300-Number with Your Brand Name in It?

Getting a custom 1300 number or vanity number has become a preferred strategy among Australian businesses. From plumbers to pizza delivery chains, every business aims to have a number that reflects their brand name and helps in connecting with potential customers.

But how do I get a 1300 number with my brand name in it? Well, the process is really simple, and you can probably get your desired number. 

Here’s the detailed process to apply for a custom vanity number and get it activated quickly.

What do I need to get a 1300 Number?

In order to buy a vanity number, you need business phone services. Unlike a traditional landline, these services work over the internet, and we call it VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

You should get VoIP services in Australia before applying for a 1300 number. Any computer, desktop, or smartphone would work with VoIP, and businesses can use it to direct calls Australia-wide. 

Find a Number 

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authorities) regulates these numbers, so you have to look for a smart number on their website only. You need to go on this: https://www.thenumberingsystem.com.au/#/smartnumbers-login website, and then click on Get Started.

It will redirect you to a webpage, select 1300 prefix, and enter the phone word along with choosing the status and price. Now click on Search, and the website will show you if the number you are looking for is available or not.

It even suggests the available smart numbers, so you can easily make a choice. Once you select the number and pay for it, your business will hold all exclusive rights to use it.

As long as you hold the rights, ACMA will not assign this number to any other business. 

Always Choose a Great Smart number That Relates with Your Brand 

There are high chances that the first few queries you search for won’t be available. So, it is essential to brainstorm and then select a custom vanity number. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed choice. 

Pay Attention to What Your Potential Customers Want 

You are getting a number to lure the audience, so it should be something they like and is easy to remember. If you own a flower shop, you can opt for 1300 FLO WER. However, numbers like these are already occupied, so come up with ideas that relate to your business.

Don’t Mind Going Above the Limit. 

The most popular example of a long vanity number is “1300 PIZZA HUT). Usually, these smart numbers have ten words, but as you can see, this number has 12 words. 

Going above the limit can be expensive. Search for the numbers you like on ACMA’s website, and purchase them if they fit in your budget.

Repeated Digits are Better

Multiple Australian businesses go for numbers with repeated digits as they are easy to remember, and the customers don’t have to look at the keypad while calling.  

Avoid Homophones 

There are several words in the English dictionary that sound the same but are spelled differently. When choosing a custom phone number, avoid incorporating homophones, else the customers would end up calling someone else. 

Get in Touch with a Service Provider 

So you have purchased the number you wanted? Great! What’s next?

Now you need to contact a 1300 number service provider in Australia to help you set the number and use it. The service provider will help you determine the call rates while offering other services, including call routing.

In a nutshell, you cannot set up a vanity number without a telco. These companies will also take care of the service and maintenance. 


At Simple 1300 Numbers, we have made it easier for Australian businesses to get a custom phone number with a brand name in it. You can go to the ACMA’s website through our channel, purchase the number you want, and get it set up by us.

We’ll even help you determine the call rates, so you can use the new number at reasonable rates. As you directly purchase the smart number from ACMA, the complete process is transparent. 

Now you are all set to get a custom vanity number. Click here, and follow the process mentioned on the website to get it set up quickly. 

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: July 29, 2021 at 3:46am