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How to run AB Campaigns with 1300 Numbers from Simple 1300 Numbers

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Have you ever tried running A/B tests to check whether or not your marketing campaigns will stick? Did you know digital marketers are using 1300 numbers to conduct A/B tests?

Digital marketing has taken a new and exciting turn in this century, where advertisers and marketing gurus are not only looking into the creative process of generating hype and leads for a new product or service, they’re also running tests on user behaviour in different scenarios. While big companies allocate generous marketing budgets to be able to leverage digital marketing for their benefits, new or small businesses can’t afford that luxury.

However, there are always solutions that yield positive results for less than the price. And 1300 numbers are one of the best solutions for this query.

Running an A/B campaign has many benefits when launching a new product or service. Add in a 1300 inbound number to receive calls, and you get the perfect combination through which you can quantify data and gleam meaningful information from it.

But before we dive in any further, you may be wondering what is A/B testing?

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing – also known as split tests – is the process of comparing the performance results of two different marketing campaigns either for a website, email, social media platform or more. It basically involves creating two versions of a marketing idea to analyse which one will be a hit among new and existing clients.

Based on the performance analytics you’ll receive from running an A/B test, not only will you find out which campaign will bring in more traffic (or clicks) but also the number of potential sale conversions as well. Companies that aren’t running A/B tests not only lose out on a lot of money but miss out on the chance to know what their customers want or how they behave.

When you add in cheap 1300 numbers from Simple Telecom, you’re easily able to translate the power of online A/B testing to fixed line marketing. Whether you’re an e-commerce business, a new restaurant, a service based company or a local venture, dipping your proverbial marketing fingers in all domains of digital marketing will yield you the best results.

And A/B Testing is one of the best ways to make sure you’re not wasting thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that have poor Return on Investment (ROI).

How can 1300 Numbers help?

Now if you’re wondering how will an affordable 1300 number from Simple Telecom help you run A/B Tests? Well, there are so many ways where adding a 1300 number to different areas of your website can cause an increase in calls made for queries or orders.

Testing out the placement of your phone number on different areas of your website can show you how easily and effectively a customer can contact you. Let’s face it, no one likes to spend minutes searching for a number to place an order or ask regarding the services provided by businesses. What may be an obvious placement of the number for you could be completely ignored by potential customers.

However, with the help of running A/B tests for the placement of your 1300 number by Simple Telecom can you show you a world of difference in the amount of calls or queries you receive on your line. Similarly, optimising local ads with a local number both online and offline can push your products and services to the right customer.

But the only way you’ll know which placement or what font works best in terms of providing the highest amount of traffic, uptick in calls and solid sales conversions, can only be through A/B tests. As a company specialising in Inbound Telecommunications, Simple Telecom understands the needs of local businesses when it comes to marketing their brand both online and locally.

Therefore, purchasing Simple Telecom 1300 numbers for Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne can help make your business visible to the local customers for the best market penetration and awareness. The combination of using A/B tests with 1300 numbers gives digital marketing a whole gold mine of statistics to use and make better decisions with regarding marketing and running campaigns.

A/B tests have become adopted by major companies all over, and not utilising them for your own marketing campaigns is a huge loss for your own brand.

Run Campaigns with 1300 Numbers

Running A/B tests with 1300 numbers from Simple Telecom can open up new avenues of improving your marketing strategy and targeting specific demographics that are local to your business. You can also use 1300 numbers to test on different platforms to gauge what works and what doesn’t.

Whether your business operates purely B2B, B2C or a mix of both Simple Telecom provides reporting that will help you analyse the performance of the various A/B Tests you may run using the 1300 numbers. Simple Telecom’s reporting dashboard provides all the necessary data that can help you make the right decisions to steer your company in a profitable direction and make meaningful campaigns.

1300 numbers are not only affordable but provide insightful analysis into how well your business is breaking into a new locality or market. There are so many variations that can be achieved when running campaigns with 1300 numbers. You can diversify the mediums you push the campaigns towards, and see how effective the marketing content is.

Similarly, running A/B tests on different platforms can give a better idea on which demographic and audience suits your services and products better. The possibilities of running A/B tests with Simple Telecom’s 1300 numbers are limitless especially if your business is operating out of Syndey, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.

To know more about Simple Telecom’s 1300 number packages and the possibilities of A/B tests that can be customised for your business, contact our team to know more or set up a meeting for an in-depth briefing today.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: September 30, 2021 at 2:55pm