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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Custom 1300-number

A custom 1300-number can help your business stand apart while getting better recognition. Furthermore, there are several advantages of using custom vanity numbers for all types and sizes of businesses, including start-ups

However, businesses tend to make some mistakes when buying such numbers, and it can drastically affect the number’s performance, such as receiving fewer calls than expected.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when choosing a custom 13-00 number in Australia.

  1. Not Conducting Exhaustive Research
    The biggest mistake businesses make is not conducting extensive research when looking for a custom vanity number with its brand name. When you look for such numbers in a small pool, you only get limited options, so businesses find it hard to select the number of their choice.
    However, doing exhaustive research can help businesses find the number they have been looking for. You should always avoid small-inventory sites with limited accessibility.
    nstead, try searching your number with a preferred Telco in Australia that has a bigger pool with more available numbers. When you get more options, you can make an informed decision by having the best custom number for your business.
  2. Restricting the Choice by Company Name or Industry Description 
    When businesses look for custom 1300-numbers, they try to search for numbers that have their company name or industry description. But when they fail to find such numbers, they tend to choose any random number, which does not help the business in any way.
    There are several ways you can get a customs number that relates to your business or at least contains some letters of your brand so that the audience can easily identify you or the service you offer by looking at the number.
    Think of verbs such as “Go”, and add them to the number to make it simple but powerful for your business. You can even talk to a telco company and ask them to give you suggestions to help shortlist the right number.
  3. Not Choosing the Right Telco 
    A custom 1300-number is completely owned by the business, and the telco only helps in activating and using the number. You need to go with a reliable telco that offers the services at reasonable rates and has plenty of add-on services that you can use with the number.
    Make sure the telco you are working with is licensed and has been operating in Australia for at least two years. It would be great to skim through the customer reviews to know more about the telco before getting your number activated from them.
  4. Using Q or Z in the Numbers 
    A business should always avoid hard to spell words, as it may create difficulties for the caller to remember the number. Australia is a country with a diverse population, and people from different nations stay here, so there is a language barrier in some places.
    Using Q and Z in the number can make it challenging for the callers, and when they cannot recall or spell your number, you won’t get the benefit.
    Use easy to spell words that are simple and used by people in their day-to-day life. If you are a florist, 1300-FLO-WER could be the best choice. Of course, this number might have been occupied by some business, but you can brainstorm to come up with something that relates to your business and is easy to recall.
  5. Not Understanding the Pricing Beforehand 
    The price of the 1300-number and its operational cost depends on several factors. So, it is critical to understand the pricing before you go ahead and get the number activated on your brand’s name. 
    Some telcos do not charge a setup fee, whereas some do. After you have selected a custom vanity number, go through the 1300-number pricing list of the telco, and understand everything to know more about the monthly expense your business has to bear.


Avoiding these common mistakes will help your business get a fantastic custom vanity number at a reasonable price. These numbers can do more than you think, and when used collectively in advertising campaigns, you can get a better response.

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Author: David Thomas & Posted at: September 30, 2021 at 1:50am