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How IVR Can Empower Business Growth

Marketing is vital for the growth of an organisation, and it helps skyrocket the revenues, if done right. There are plenty of tactics that modern businesses do in order to get more sales. 

However, businesses often overlook IVR thinking that it has nothing to do with the business growth. Well, IVR is something more than just serving the customers. With the help of IVR, businesses can close more sales while they can make the prospects aware of their new products.

This article covers some important information about IVR and how it can empower business marketing growth.

How Does IVR Systems Empower Business Growth?

An IVR or Interactive Voice Response lets companies interact with their prospects and customers using technology. This technology used to be clunkier before, but the advancement has made it a must-have for every business, irrespective of the size and industry.

IVR solutions have now become more intelligent and have a plethora of offerings. Some telcos are even providing IVR bundled with AI and natural language processing to help businesses use natural language processing to understand customer queries better.

Here are some ways IVR can be leveraged to give businesses a winning advantage:

Get Customer Feedback 

Long gone are the days when customers used to fill the feedback form or reply to emails giving feedback. IVR has now changed the scenario, and customers can quickly give feedback just with a click.

These systems give customers an option to choose from 1-5, and things can’t be more convenient. 

Optimise Identity Verification 

IVR systems can automate the identification process, and it sheds the burden from the salesperson’s shoulders, while the callers also get a sense of security. 

Customers can easily feed their data to the system using keys, and there is no need to wait in the ACD queues. These significant factors make customer interaction better and increase their satisfaction.

Businesses can transform the IVR options depending on their need and can get in touch with a reliable telco to get IVR services activated on their toll-free number.

Location-based Routing 

With an IVR system, the bounce rate of the calls can be decreased dramatically. The reason is location-based routing. The IVR system automatically connects the call with the right agent of a particular location.

As a result, the callers quickly get a solution, and they don’t have to wait for longer to get in touch with a human.


IVR eliminates the chances of downtime, as this is a cloud-based platform. Even if the company’s servers go down, the IVR keeps up and running because this works on the cloud of the telco.

IVR allows businesses to offer round the clock uptime, and businesses can serve their customers 24*7. All the customers and prospects need good service, and that’s what a business can provide using IVR.

Use IVR for Automatic Renewals 

If you are into a business that sells services and products which require reordering or renewals, you can use the IVR system to automate the process. The outbound IVR service reminder calls the customers and asks them if they need the services or products again.

Orders and renewals can be done just with a click, while businesses can also connect the callers to the sales rep for collecting the order information using IVR.

Works in Synergy with 1300 and 1800 Numbers 

1300 and 1800 numbers are helping Australian businesses expand their reach while making it easier for the customers to remember them. Some telcos offer IVR services bundled with these numbers, and businesses can reap more benefits.

IVR can also be activated on existing 1300 and 1800 numbers. This combination helps businesses make it easier for the callers to call them and reach the right destination to get the solution/service they need.

Final Thoughts 

Over the years, IVR has evolved and has become a marketing tool for businesses. Every business, irrespective of the industry, can use IVR to engage customers and help them in a better way.

Getting IVR service on your number is easy, and all you need is a telco like Simple Telecom. We help you activate 1300 and 1800 numbers while you can get IVR services activated on these numbers.

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Author: David Thomas & Posted at: October 22, 2021 at 4:48am