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1300-numbers and Voice Assistants: Do They Make a Good Combination?:

Modern consumers are more demanding than ever because of the availability of multiple service providers and the ease of finding anything they want! So, the key to unlocking business success is customer satisfaction.

When it comes to connecting to a business, voice technology plays a crucial role, and the experts see it as a game-changer. The ever-growing popularity of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have made consumers enjoy a hands-free experience. 

In a nutshell, a business cannot ignore the voice assistants when devising a marketing strategy and running customer support operations. 

But how do voice assistants affect the 1300 number? Do they make a good combination and can be used as a marketing strategy? Here’s everything you should know.

What Exactly is a 1300 Number?

Known as vanity phone numbers, 1300 numbers are making it easier for the customers to reach the desired business. These numbers are easy to remember and can even contain phone words that are easy to remember.

A vanity phone number is a good investment for every business, and it serves some special benefits to start-ups and helps them flourish. 

Furthermore, business organizations can expect higher leads and more chances of lead conversion while portraying them as professional against the competitors.

How Voice Assistants Make Dialling a 1300 Number Easy?

Dialling a custom 1300 number is really easy using a voice assistant, and consumers are doing it to make their lives easier. Voice assistants are everywhere, be it controlling the music track or making an appointment with the local salon.

One can easily dial a vanity number using a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa. Simply ask the assistant to dial “1300-PIZ-ZAS”, and the assistant will quickly dial the exact business number you want. 

Voice assistants and vanity numbers do make a great combination for every business. They also serve an immense potential to the organization when it comes to lead generation and conversion. 

No doubt, an unforgettable number is essential for the success of a business, but when it meets a voice assistant, it can enhance the chances of calls a business receives. 

Customers love everything that makes their lives convenient, and that’s a reason why smart businesses in Australia are using vanity phone numbers.

Where Do I Get a Custom 1300 Number?

Getting a custom 1300 number is pretty easy these days. You can purchase the number directly from ACMA’s official website and then get it activated by your preferred telco in Australia. 

Furthermore, choose a good plan depending on your budget and opt for more features like call tracking and forwarding to serving the customers better.

Final Thoughts 

Now you know that a 1300 number and a voice assistant make a great combination, so it would be great to apply for a vanity number. Get a number that relates to your business and helps people understand the services you need.

Also, the number should be dialable through a voice assistant, so it should be easy and clear. Like 1300- FLO-WER. Don’t opt for hard numbers as they may confuse the voice assistants. 

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Author: David Thomas & Posted at: August 25, 2021 at 3:17am