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6 Ways a 1300-number Can Help a Start-up Grow

As per stats, the start-up rate in Australia is 5.8%, which is pretty good! The numbers are increasing with each day as things get better for budding businesses.

However, as the numbers grow, the competence also thrives, and start-ups face immense competition for their survival. One of the core pillars that help a start-up grow is customer service and, more precisely, excellent customer service that leads to satisfaction.

Smart businesses are using 1300-numbers to make things easier for their clients. Not just these numbers are easy to remember, but they make it hassle-free to contact a business.

Here are six ways a vanity number can help a start-up grow.

What Exactly is a 1300-number?

A 1300 or a vanity number is a 10-digit phone number for a business. These numbers can contain phone words that help businesses fit their brand name in the number. 

For example, a cafe can go for a number like: “1300- COF-FEE”. The customer would need to dial the number for the specific letter, and they can contact the business they want. 

A start-up in Australia can easily apply for a custom vanity phone number with its brand name in it.  

Why Do Start-ups Need a 1300-Number?

Customers these days prefer interacting with businesses that make their lives easier. Like I gave you an example of a café that can own a number 1300-COF-FEE. It will help customers remember the number, and they don’t have to do a Google Search to find the nearest café to order a coffee and some cupcakes.

There are several other reasons that make it a must for every start-up company to own a vanity phone number.

They Portray Your Business Straight Away 

If you are a florist with the number 1300-FLO-WER. The customers don’t have to think about what services you offer. The custom phone number tells them about your business, so the interested customers can call you and get more details.

If a business owns a regular number, the prospects may have difficulty guessing the service it offers. Furthermore, more than 30% of prospects don’t even bother calling, and they go with the businesses they already know.

They are Flexible 

A 1300-number doesn’t need a landline for operations. Instead, a start-up business can operate it using any medium, including a mobile phone. The biggest problem with start-ups is that these businesses migrate more often, and the 1300-number will remain the same irrespective of the location. However, it should be in Australia.

Businesses can even use advanced features like call forwarding to offer their customers with better user experience.

They Market Your Business for Free 

This is an implied benefit of using a 1300 number. 1300-BEA-UTY is a lot better than 1300-232-889. Whether a start-up company puts this number on the billboard, hoarding, or anywhere else, it will double up the marketing effort.

Even if the customer doesn’t remember the name of the business, they tend to remember the number as it’s easy and relates to the service they need.

They Look Professional 

A start-up company with a vanity phone number looks much more professional than a regular business. The more a company promotes itself to be promotions, the higher the chances of getting more sales and customer satisfaction. 

They Help You Track Calls 

Tracking calls is a key to unlock customer satisfaction. A smart start-up company understands the importance of tracking calls and using the information to improve its service. The 1300-number telco offers call tracking, routing, and some other essential services a business can use with vanity phone numbers.

They Bring Higher Turnover 

The turnover depends on how many prospects are interested in your service. For example, having a 1300-number increases the number of inbound calls, as more people remember the number, so they dial it.

Getting more calls is really helpful in increasing the turnover and closing more sales.  

Wrapping It Up 

1300-numbers in Australia have almost become a necessity for every start-up and existing business. Not just do these numbers offer a plethora of benefits, but they help a business scale its growth. If you run a start-up, it is essential to apply for a vanity phone number and get it with the help of a trusted telco like Simple 1300 Numbers.

We offer a multitude of affordable packages with bundle services like call tracking that are really helpful for the business of all types. Moreover, we help you operate the same number Australia-wide. 

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Author: David Thomas & Posted at: August 16, 2021 at 3:11am