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Why Self Employed Professionals Need a 1300 Number

Many businesses can benefit from 1300 numbers, irrespective of how big they are. Typically, self-employed people are busy tending to their customers’ needs, so dealing with incoming phone calls can be challenging. Needless to say, projecting a positive image and standing out from the crowd is paramount.

1300 numbers are the ideal solution to assist businesses of all sizes in many ways, and their functions and features can be customized to specific business requirements.

Below are some points that self-employed business owners should be aware of when considering what benefits a 1300 number can provide:-

Create More Profit

Frequently, self-employed people are in direct competition with bigger companies, so it is crucial for them to portray the correct image.
And as far as attracting new leads goes, using a mobile number might give a bad impression and put off new customers from getting in touch.
1300 numbers remedy this problem, and they can be redirected to mobile phones as well.

Embrace Business Branding

Branding a business properly can reap huge rewards. The company brand epitomizes the company’s ethos, and provides it with a distinctive identity.
1300 numbers, sometimes referred to as smart numbers, enable you to use easy to remember numbers, or spell words with the phone’s alphanumeric keyboard.

Taking things a stage further and using a phone word or phone name is an excellent way of boosting the number’s advertising impact and generating more calls. Good business brands are always consistent. Brands that are advertised in a variety of ways tend to yield more successful results.

Smart numbers are not the be all and end all of a brand, however they definitely have a positive effect. Consider that each time a client dials the number for your company they are dialling your company name.

Deal With Incoming Phone Calls

Often, dealing with incoming phone calls is difficult for self-employed business people. 1300 numbers can alleviate this stress by allowing you to use them with live telephone answering services, to ensure that all calls are answered in the correct way. Then, calls can be redirected or messages can be taken. Incorporating this option into your business will ensure that all calls generate an excellent customer experience whilst enhancing first impressions.

Offer a Service After Hours

1300 numbers have numerous functions and features, such as voice2email and time based routing. Combing both of these features allows businesses to automatically offer after hours services.

Free your mobile up by automatically transferring 1300 numbers to voice2email at a designated time. Also, you can impress your customers with a professional sounding message.

The self-employed business professional can face many different challenges when it comes to engaging with customers and clients. 1300 numbers provide functions and features that will improve the image of your business, differentiate you from your competition, and make the task of running a business a bit less demanding.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: July 6, 2016 at 12:36pm