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Simple Telecom is Australia’s premium virtual phone number supplier. With local or fixed line numbers in over 40 regions and growing, as well as inbound 13, 1800 and 1300 numbers and virtual mobile numbers we have any type of number you could want in a virtual format.


The numbers on offer from Simple Telecom are virtual. This means there is no physical hardware or line associated with the number. In all cases, there will be a name (and business name) and a physical address associated with it, however that is all we require and all you need to get a number from us.


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1300 Numbers
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Call Tracking Numbers (aka local Australian fixed line numbers)
– Virtual Mobile Numbers 

do you want a
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$10 /month

do you want a
virtual mobile number

$10 /month

Want a bit more information regarding Porting?

Simple Telecom supports porting both in and out (we prefer in).  As we use a number of carriers the paperwork varies, however in general we will require:

  • Your most recent invoice for the services you want to port
  • This will need to show the following key pieces of information:
    • Account Number
    • Name(s)
    • Address
    • Email
    • Service number

Basically we are proving that you own the service and have the authority to port it.  With some suppliers, we maybe have to work around this as they quite frequently don’t supply such easy to access invoices with all the relevant information.

Some questions for you if you are considering getting a Virtual Phone Number


Virtual numbers are numbers that route through to another number(s). The routing numbers can be fixed lines, VoIP numbers, local numbers and mobile numbers.

There are 2 core reasons:

    1. You want to advertise a number on your advertising or marketing materials and you don’t want to advertise your home number or mobile number
    2. You want to measure and track the calls through a particular advertising medium
Yes, all numbers are portable. Simple Telecom can port from all the Australian carriers. Having said that; sometimes the complexity of the porting process can make it very difficult (such as porting mobile numbers) – this can be tricky
We will need a copy of your most recent invoice, your name, address and proof of ID to confirm you own the service. All the details are validated against the loosing carrier, so if there is inconsistency’s it can be rejected and take time in the process.
Yes, the process is the same as porting across to become a virtual number. Find a carrier to offer the service and discuss with them how to port your service across.
If you link your virtual number to a Hosted PBX service, you will be able to specify a virtual number as your callerID when making an outbound call.

Types of Virtual Numbers

Virtual Numbers – 1300 Numbers


1300 Numbers are probably the most likely and recognisable virtual number.  1300 Numbers often serve as the primary business contact number for Australian business.  There are two types of numbers, premium numbers that often make words and regular free standard numbers.  1300 numbers will carry a monthly charge and they will also carry a charge to receive calls.  The price for the calls received will vary depending on the type of call the caller is using as well as the type of call the recipient is using.

Virtual Numbers – 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are the 2nd most common Australian Virtual Numbers.  They come in two flavours, premium numbers that make words and regular free numbers.  1800 Numbers are portable between carriers. In almost every other way, they are identical to the 1300 numbers.

Virtual Numbers – 13 Numbers


13 Numbers are the best and most memorable inbound virtual numbers.  Feature wise they are identical to 1300 and 1800 numbers, however the key difference is they are only 6 digits long. This makes different word combinations easier and also makes them significantly easier for people to remember.  13 numbers attract a government levy of around $6k per year. This means 13 numbers are really only suited to larger companies who can afford the government levy and are prepared to maximise their advertising budgets.

Virtual Numbers – Australian Mobiles


Virtual Australian mobiles are a relatively new concept for the virtual number market here in Australia.  Traditional mobiles can be converted to virtual mobiles and they can even accept SMS through API integrations (with specific carriers). Talk to Simple Telecom if you require such features.

Virtual Numbers – Australian Local Numbers


By far our biggest seller is the local geographic Australian virtual numbers.  With over 40 regions available, Simple Telecom has numbers everywhere.  These are prefect for geo targeting local seo marketing.  Because these numbers are low cost, it is also perfect for using as call tracking for specific marketing assets. Utilising a different number on each marketing medium will allow you to measure

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Virtual Number Features

The Virtual Numbers from Simple Telecom have a complete set of features that make your telephone experience as both a caller and business owner as easy and simple as possible.

What’s more to this, these features are free!


The features available with the virtual numbers are:


  • IVR and/or Keypress Menu
  • Recorded Announcements
  • Call Recording
  • Whisper Announcements
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications (carries additional charges)


About Simple Telecom

Simple Telecom was founded back in the last 2000’s with the ethos of making Telecommunications simple.  It was founded by David, a young entrepreneur at the time.  With visions of creating a business that was run by a laptop from the beach – David undertook a massive operation of building a simple yet powerful billing and provisioning platform to help achieve that goal.


Simple Telecom is a Telecommunications company that has focused on providing inbound and virtual numbers to the Australian business market. With an express online ordering system and real-time provisioning and billing you can be up and running in no time at all.

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