1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

Recording calls from 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers to improve customer service

Have you ever thought about improving the customer service your offer your clients? Recently I listened to myself on a recording from a conversation with a customer from a 1300 number.

I immediately identified some areas I could improve, the pitch of my voice is probably the most important thing. In my own opinion, I sounded bored and very uninterested in the caller, so I have challenged myself to always be upbeat and use a higher pitch in my voice when answering calls. The next key I discovered was the language I was using. I was the expert, so it’s my new job to quickly identify the needs and desires of the caller, and then give them my expert opinion on what was the best solution for them. I always try and use language that reinforces my experience dealing with businesses similar to them and the results I have helped that business achieve. My services are always the best available on the market and I have full confidence in them, and that they are the best solution for the caller.

Well this is just a brief write up of some of the things I have identified for myself, imagine what doing this across the board for all your employees would help your bottom line.

The Call Recording addon for 1300 numbers is a really cheap way of providing your customer service representatives with easy feedback, follow the link if your after further details.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: May 4, 2016 at 12:52pm