1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

Addons: Postcode Prompter

Simple Telecom can connect your new 1300 or 1800 service directly into the Postcode Prompter Call Router system. This is a system designed to help large volumes of callers connect to the correct store or region quickly. The system plays back pre-recorded instructions to the caller and the caller enters their 4 digit postcode through the telephone keypad.

There is also a facility to break down each postcode into sub regions, by using the IVR KEYPRESS service as a primary or sub menu – at NO extra cost.

This system then connects through to the pre-configured answer point for that keypad entry. Answer points can be fixed lines, mobiles or international phone numbers.

With every single possible postcode accomodated for and custom professional sound file recording using excellent Voice Talent – this service will take your callers inbound experience to a whole new level.

The IVR KEYPRESS system can also play announcements to the callers and integrate into our other addon services such as Live Answering Services to prevent missed calls.



$250 per month
$200 setup fee

Call charges are listed per minute: Fixed lines: 15c, Mobiles: 40c