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How to Increase brand awareness with a 1300 Prefix Phone word

How to Increase brand awareness with a 1300 Prefix Phone word

In today’s fast paced business world, your potential client is overloaded with more than enough information, marketing and branding. The internet is full of trolls, videos and advertisements that promote various businesses from countless industries.  The business world is so engraved into the information age to an extent where companies that do not have a digital presence are quickly getting wiped out.

Business owners therefore are tasked with a difficult job of branding and marketing. It therefore emerges that the key to promoting and efficiently marketing your brand is to make sure that your clients remembers the product or service that your business offers. There are various avenues that you can take advantage of when it comes to making sure that your clients remember your brand. One of the most popular methods of getting your brand out there is the use of phone words.


To understand phone words, you first have to get your business a 1300 prefix phone number. When you purchase a 1300 prefix for your business you get the option of setting up a phone word to go with your new number. A phone word therefore becomes an alphanumerical conversion of your company’s 1300 prefix phone number. For instance, if you own a travel and tour company and have purchased a number such as this 1300 5678 87, you can easily replace the last six digits with an alphanumeric that simply translates to this, 1300 TRAVEL. The word travel on your phone number informs the callers of the services your business offers straight away.

It’s Cost effective

Having a phone word for your business is a cost effective way of advertising your business and also ensuring brand awareness. Imagine the possibility of your customers having an easy time referring you to their friends and family simply because they can quickly quote your businesses phone number. Actually research shows that it is easier for customers to remember your 1300 prefix number than it is to remember a regular land line.

With a 1300 number and a phone word attached to it, your clients will appreciate the ease of access they’ll have to your business. In addition to being cost effective, a 1300 number also guarantees cheaper call rate charges to your clients no matter where they are calling from

This feature encourages your customers to continuously interact with your business without the fear of incurring costs. You can also increase the brand awareness of your company by exposing your phone word to your clients through all the possible channels some of which are free. This can be a valuable addition to your already existing advertisement campaign.

Your business needs it

In today’s business world, even when you are not selling your product or service via the phone, a phone word can come in handy towards pushing your brand forward. You can be able to generate better responses from your marketing activities by recording and analyzing your customers with ease.

Stand out

With a phone word, you can create a bigger than life impression of your business every time a client makes a call to your company’s phone number. This can go a long way in generating confidence in your clients.  By increasing your customer’s confidence in your service or product, your business will be able to level up with the bigger companies in your industry

Increase web traffic to your company

In the information age that we live in, all companies big and small are constantly trying to get access to their customers through the internet. The most amazing thing about a phone word is that it allows your company to rank highly on Google searches. This can be a big boost to your business as it will enable you to acquire new clients daily.

Apart from growing your company’s website, through increased traffic you can also grow the whole business and not have to change your phone word even when your business grows exponentially. This is possible because the 1300 phone number prefix is easily portable and clients can still be able to contact your company no matter their location.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: July 25, 2016 at 12:36pm