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How the Average Aussie is innovating during the battle that 2020 is throwing us

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a curve ball to every single business and industry around the world, and has put on a halt on the dreams of many enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We’re living in a very uncertain time where definitive answers are rare and everyone is just taking it one day at a time. The pandemic – as declared by WHO in March 2020 – has forced many countries to completely halt business and office operations in order to prevent the spread of the virus and Australia has been affected by the lockdown situation as well.

Although, many companies have been taken more aggressive marketing strategies in the online domain it is becoming hard for small or family owned businesses to make it in these uncertain times. However, that doesn’t mean that yours cannot survive! Now is the time to put on your thinking caps and become innovative in order to reach your targeted audience with new techniques and strategies. Social distancing has made many brick and mortar stores come up with creative solutions to implement it strictly, but your business can still survive through ever expanding but highly available digital solutions.

Simple Telecom is helping the average Aussie entrepreneur not lose on any sales leads or see a decrease in their sales conversion rate through our low cost, highly effective inbound number service that helps business owners better manage sales call. Right now is the time to deploy all sorts of low cost marketing strategies to yield sales lead and to reign in profit because no one can predict when this pandemic will end.

Even though every business comes up with a contingency plan in order to meet any unexpected circumstance but with the COVID-19 pandemic not even the strongest and financially secure companies could foresee or plan in advance for the economic blow they are facing. Many countries are coming with bail out plans and even though the situation seems grim and stressful this is not the time to lose hope or give up.

Simple Telecom is here to make sure that our clients and their businesses remain afloat despite the battle everyone is facing and the good news is digital engagement is increasing, which means that there still is a market available for selling. What you need to do is find the sweet spot between a low cost marketing strategy and targeting a specific target audience according to different variables.

Many companies around the country that Simple Telecom is associated with are adopting efficient and cost effective measures by providing a Sales Inbound number and support number that is driving sales for their businesses in these times. This allows them to focus more on the missed calls and target leads that are bound to convert into potential sales. Support and Inbound numbers allow your business to grow passively even when you’re not available as potential clients can find the right information through them.

Similarly, it saves time for the staff as they can focus on the right type and volume of customer engagement that result in effective time management and resource utilisation. With everyone stuck at home due to the lockdown you can expect calls at different times during the day or night because “normality” or “9-5” has been thrown at the window. We’re not just working from home, we’re working from home during the crisis and providing support or being available 24/7 has never been more important and more stress inducing.

You can’t be stuck to the phone throughout the night and morning just because “you’re at home” or your employees are; there has to be some structure to this unconventional time and if you can find that harmony with low cost marketing techniques then there shouldn’t be any hiccups right? But let’s face it, businesses are shutting down and laying off employees left, right and centre – and we hate to be the torchbearer of such stressful facts but the truth of the matter is only those companies will survive this pandemic that thought literally outside of the box while remaining inside.

Many creative entrepreneurs are making full use of inbound techniques apart from employing the tried and tested strategies of using keyword research optimisation along with on-page fixing up and the good old chat box – all too appear on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page. We’re advocates of using all SEO techniques to get your brand out there online but consumers are looking for more than just content that is written well and intrigues their curiosity.

Buyers are looking for sensitivity to the situation at hand and services and products that are close by as international shipping and shopping isn’t the best at the moment. Many Aussie entrepreneurs are taking a more microscopic approach to marketing by targeting only single suburb or town, and getting traction for selling their services, assets, products, etc over there. Any SEO traffic is welcome at this point and getting is pretty cheap which results in sales that are solid and airtight.

But what is inbound marketing without an inbound number to register and see the results of all your strategies with the amount of calls your company is receiving. Getting an inbound number for your after or pre sales is highly crucial, and once you find the average call time your staff can better manage reporting answered VS missed calls and getting back to the ones that they couldn’t receive.

Just because the pandemic has hit every business hard and in an unimaginable ways that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a market available ready to sell. People are nervous but there is always a demand for a trade or service that impacts everyday life, the goal right now isn’t to reach everyone but to reach those that will result in definite and confirmed sales lead. With Simple Telecom and our Inbound and Live Call answering services will make sure that your business isn’t affected no matter what.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: May 31, 2020 at 1:11pm