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How Small Business Can Benefit from 1300 Number Branding

As the owner of a startup company, you probably have encountered challenges when it comes to connecting to your clients. Creating a buzz that will catch the attention of your niche market can be a tough thing to do especially if you do not have the right tools.

The first step towards getting traction towards your business is creating a point of access for you customers. Having a start up that is easily accessible tells the clients that you’re ready for business and that your service or product is genuine.

The 1300 number is a brilliant way for you to start building the reputation that your company needs during its early stages of growth. In fact it has been revealed that getting your company a 1300 prefix phone number actually improves the confidence that clients have on your business.

This is because a 1300 number contains features that enable you to manage calls at any given time. The list below contains some of the advantages that your business can benefit from by having the 1300 number.

  • Brand promotion using Phone words

Phone words , also known as phone names is a popular version of the 1300 phone number that allows you to  incorporate  your business slogan into your phone number. Customers will be able to interact with the idea of the service or the product you offer by simply dialing up your company’s phone number. Apart from the fact that the phone word or phone name provides an inexpensive way of promoting your business brand, it also creates an image of professionalism to you customers therefore resulting in more trust from the clients.

  • Get an auto attendant Function

With a 1300 number you can route calls in consideration to the type of inquiry therefore enabling you to manage incoming calls to your business more appropriately. Setting up the auto attendance function is easy and convenient. If you are constantly getting calls and inquiries about certain services or products that you offer, you have the option of generating an automatic response by diverting calls to a voice service. This will give you more time to handle more urgent new inquiries from your customers.  Such kind of innovation can propel your startup to extremely greater heights

  • Improve your customer service

For any startup business to get up and running it has to focus on the needs of its customers. With a 1300 number, you can record calls and analyze them later to figure out ways through which you can improve your customer service. By reviewing recorded calls from your 1300number you will be able to easily track market trends by identifying the needs of the client. In a world where Data is becoming valuable day by day, having your own records of conversations with clients can go a long way towards improving your business.

  • Improved convenience

As the owner of a startup, the temptations to use a mobile number instead of a professional 1300 number can be forgiven. The important fact however is to think about what is important to your business at this early stage. When chasing after new leads, you will interact with new clients who do not have prior experience of dealing with your company. With that in mind it goes without saying that most of your new clients will be skeptical about your business. You can increase more trust in your dealings by having a 1300 number. The 1300 number also supports improved convenience when it comes to managing routine business operations.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: August 2, 2016 at 12:49pm