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How efficient are phone words for business?

In Australia today, the number of companies using phone words has gradually been on the rise. This is majorly because phone words are a revolutionary marketing tool. Compared to standard phone numbers, customers have found phone words to be more memorable. As a result of the ease of use of phone words, companies have had to jump on the phone word bandwagon to get more loyal clients.

Smart numbers such as the 1300 and the 1800 have become the standard for most companies. It is through the smart number that a phone word can be embedded onto your company’s number. You can therefore use the phone word to advertise your company’s slogan or to advertise your product or service. This slight improvement in the way your business presents itself to the client can transform the way you interact with clients. In this article we look at some of the ways through which a phone word can work for your business.

More Memorability

As illustrated above a phone word is a way of making your customers remember your company’s phone number. Research has it that phone words have up to 5 times better Memorability that regular numbers. This slight improvement in Memorability can be instrumental in changing the way you do business. More clients will be able to refer other potential clients to your business as a result of the Memorability of your company’s number. The most interesting part about phone words is that they are natural and easy to remember. Imagine your clients listening to an advert through radio. They are more likely to remember a number such as 1800CAKES than a number such as this 37847 393949 3989. Using a phone word makes your service or product obvious and therefore easy to recall.

Better Branding

With phone number insertion, companies have had more creative options for advertising their brands. Most companies struggle to establish themselves in a market crowded by similar brands. With a phone word you can embed the brand name to the phone word and have clients refer to your brand name every time they call. This could also be a brilliant way for companies to build loyal clients who are in touch with the company’s brand.  A phone word brand will eventually increase the awareness that people have about your company. You also get to enjoy making your company look professional. A more professional outlook of your company will in return increase client confidence and therefore result in better revenues.

Increase ROI on advertisement

A phone word can provide a tool through which a company can make better returns on invest for its advertising budget. A phone word can be punchy and smart enough to advertise your business. This is possible especially when clients make calls to your company’s number and refer other clients to your company. By using a strong branding strategy you will be able to take full advantage of your phone word while you expand your business.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: August 29, 2016 at 12:30pm