1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

Free Addons for 1300 and 1800 numbers

1300 Numbers are very flexible services as you probably already know. Here is a list of features that Good Telco’s include for free such as:

  1. Call Overflow – This is perfect configuration when you want to make sure every call is answered. You can overflow from your business line in your office -> your mobile. You could overflow from your mobile to an answering service.
  2. Time Based Routing – The most common setup for this is to setup your 1300 service to come through to the office line from 8am – 5pm. All other times you might want the service to go to a Voice To Email service which states your opening hours and gives the caller the option to leave a message. You might want the service to go straight to your mobile or a call answering service.
  3. Caller ID information – This information will automatically come through to your compatible handset. You will also be able to view the Caller ID history in your customer login area, or on your invoice.
  4. Location Based Routing (Limited) – You can drill down to a State level, Broad Regions, or even to an Exchange on a suburb level (Please note you cannot do this accurately for Mobile phones, you will need the Postcode Dialler for mobiles). This obviously can be quite tedious to setup and maintain, so often you would expect to pay for the staff time setting up this configuration. This really is best if you are a national service with multiple offices in multiple cities. You would be able to direct all Eastern states to the eastern head office etc.

Well that covers the free options, many of which are extremely helpful and generally people actually setup a 1300 number or 1800 number because of one or all of these features.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: May 4, 2016 at 11:50am