1300 OR 1800 NUMBERS FOR just $10 ONLY

FAQ: Is there any reporting for my 1300 number?

Yes, we have some fantastic reporting tools for your 1300 number.

  • We have a cost vs number of call bar and line graph. This is the perfect tool to monitor your services call volumes and cost on a monthly basis. It also allows you to easily identify any trends with your services. See some examples here: Monthly Reporting
  • There is also a state based map of Australia, with a breakdown of the number of calls from each state. This is very helpful in identifying keep markets and advertising penetration for national marketing campaigns. See some examples here: Monthly Reporting
  • Finally there is a detailed listing of each call received, including details such as
    • Time
    • Originating Number
    • Called Number
    • Duration of the call
    • Call Cost

    See some examples here: Call Details