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Dynamic Number Insertion for Marketing

Marketers use dynamic number insertion to determine the effort of their digital marketing and advertising effort. With dynamic number insertion marketers can accurately determine which advertisement channels are generating revenue. This can be done when a potential client clicks on an advertisement link to a website. The DNI system will then let the marketer of the website know that there is an interested customer by displaying a number that is unique to the source of the advert.

The purpose of dynamic number insertion is to increase return on investment for businesses that want to advertise their services. It is more efficient to determine what advertising campaigns are generation calls and conversions to your business. The alternative would be a scenario where clients are calling you directly without any indication of what advertisement triggered them to call your business number. Such an approach is less useful to marketers as it is usually hard to know what advertisement channel is generating conversion.

With dynamic number insertion, you are able to view in real time a unique phone number that is attached to a specific advertising channel. So no matter what triggered the potential client to call or fill a web form in regard to the product or service you offer, you will be able to have a clear picture of where effort needs to go. This in turn can increase your companies ROI and bring in more clients to the company.

Benefits of DNI

Better return on investment

When you are in charge of the companies advertising revenue it is important to know the advertising channels that are popular and how your company can take advantage of such channels. In a fast changing world, being constantly updated with the knowledge of which keywords are offering the best returns can come in handy. But in reality different industries will have different approaches and the best way to know that makes sense for your industry is to measure the conversion rate of each keyword and advertisement channel. This can only be achieved by Dynamic call tracking.

Better local and national presence

With dynamic number insertion, your company can easily replace the number on its website and advertisement channels with a toll free number. This therefore means that all the channels of your advertisement campaign will bear the same number therefore making sure that you maintain your local presence. A business with a strong local presence is sure to attract the confidence of its loyal clients. The businesses that mostly benefit with this technology range from real estate companies to travel agencies. Dynamic number insertion therefore allows a company to maintain its number even after it has expanded to a national level.

Social media ROI

In today’s world of interconnectivity, social media has become a huge marketing tool. However most social media managers only use likes and follows to determine the effort of their marketing strategies. With a DNI, a social media manger can be able to attach dynamic numbers to social media content and therefore determine the content that is generation more conversion. This will enable the social media mangers to focus time and money on developing content that generates revenue and thus better ROI.

Why businesses need Dynamic number insertion

In the information age most knowledge workers use the internet and phone to communicate. This therefore means that most companies if not all require a dynamic number. This will enable companies to keep up with the changing market trends. It is important for any business to know where the attention of its customers is. Most people spend more than enough time working, studying and communicating through the phone and the internet. A DNI service provides the marketing team with different strategies and tools to capture the client’s attention.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: August 22, 2016 at 12:43pm