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AB Marketing with 1300 numbers

Occasionally I get calls from advertising companies looking to use 1300 services for AB marketing. Now I don’t come from a marketing background, so I had no idea what they were talking about. I decided that I would catch up through some good old-fashioned research.

Wikipedia states: In web development and marketing, A/B testing or split testing is an experimental approach to web design (especially user experience design), which aims to identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest (e.g., click-through rate for a banner advertisement). As the name implies, two versions (A and B) are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might impact a user’s behavior. Version A might be the currently used version, while Version B is modified in some respect. For instance, on an e-commerce website the purchase funnel is typically a good candidate for A/B testing, as even marginal improvements in drop-off rates can represent a significant gain in sales. Significant improvements can be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and colours.

So – what does this mean and how could you apply it?

To start with, the concept of AB Marketing allows you to compare different means of advertising. The 1300 number with its reporting features will give you the ability to compare the inbound telephone enquiries easily.

Lets say you put a new different 1300 number:

  • On your website contact page
  • On a specific landing page your promoting a special offer on (tied to adwords)
  • On your email footer
  • On your business cards
  • On your print mail out campaign
  • On your Yellow Pages advertisement

Imagine the level of detail you would receive after 3 months of running the above?

You would be able to tell exactly how you are receiving the majority of your telephone calls, and combine it with sales stats – work out exactly how much each lead per advertising medium is costing you.

That is vital information. You could be spending $1000 per year on a listing somewhere that is giving you no new leads. It may highlight a particularly profitable advertising medium that is struggling for budget.

We love setting up these campaigns, and always pass on as big a discount as possible to help with the cost of multiple 1300 numbers. Any questions, please ask in the comments.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: May 4, 2016 at 12:44pm