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4 Features Your 1300 Number Needs

Rather than replacing your current phone lines, 1300 numbers with work with them. They don’t just give your customers a way to get in touch, either. These virtual numbers offer many more features to help you improve the customer service offerings of your business, which leads to more profits in the long run.

There are free and add-on features, and it’s possible to customize your number to work specifically for your needs. Here are just some of features your 1300 number needs to provide to be able to benefit your business to the fullest.


Before, numbers were just for getting in touch. Now, they are part of marketing and play vital roles. Your 1300 self-managed web portal gives you all the information you need, so you can track campaigns based on your 1300 numbers, including the number of customers calling you, when they do it and where they are based.

You can get rid of the ads that don’t give you a good return on investment and put more money into the ones that do. This is one of the free features to use fully.


The way you look as a person will affect how well your business will do. But did you know that your number affects perception, too? This is an often overlooked element.

Local landlines and mobile numbers suggest that you are a small-time business and may not stick around for long. When you want to operate nationally, you need to think bigger and that means getting a professional number. Customers don’t have to worry about the cost of calls if they are in a different area, because they would never know.


When people pick up the phone, they either want to buy something right now or have a complaint. Having the best customer service experience is paramount, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to happen.

1300 numbers offer the ability to record calls, so someone can go back and listen to them to clarify any issues that may arise. This is also beneficial when it turns into a “he said, she said” situation, and to make sure individuals are following compliance guidelines.


In a world of technology, people want support and they want it now. Investing in call centers and receptionists can cost a lot of money and being ‘available 24/7’ can seem like a dream. However, there’s no need to keep putting off constant support because of funds.

There are routine configurations on 1300 numbers to direct calls to other parts of the country. So there’s no need to constantly sit by a phone and hope you don’t miss a call. Calls can also be routed to a mobile, making it one of the top features your 1300 number needs.

Author: David Thomas & Posted at: June 6, 2016 at 10:16am